Why Vibedration Hydration Packs Are Great for Festivals

Vibedration hydration packs just work wonders for any festival and they come in fantastic designs. #vibedration #hydrationpack #festivalseason #rave

Festival season is here and it is time to have a blast. The thing about festivals though is that you have to stay hydrated! It is of utmost importance. That’s where Vibedration has you covered!


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Vibedration is a company that sells water packs along with other things like fanny packs, glitter, jewels, and more. These water hydration packs though are different from others like camel-backs because they are basically made for festivals.


Why Vibedration Hydration Packs are Great for Festivals!


  • They have many sizes to choose from.
  • Wonderful designs perfect for music festivals.
  • The materials used are of good quality and not cheaply made.
  • They have pockets on most that are able to hold many things that you will need at a festival.
  • You can choose what side you want the mouthpiece to come from and switch it at any time.
  • They sell spare parts in case something gets lost or broken so no need to buy a brand new one.


What sizes do they have?


Size means a lot when you really think about it. Water can be heavy and the more you have may be too much for your back and shoulder to handle. You really want to be comfortable. There is a strap that goes across your chest to help even out the weight, but sometimes you really don’t need the largest bag for water. Also, if you are shorter in height then maybe you won’t want a large hydration pack on your back. Plus, the smaller ones can be used for younger children because they can go to festivals as well.


So, they carry 1.0L, 1.5L, 2.0L, and even 3.0L water hydration packs. Cool thing is that each size has many options for designs to choose from and some sizes have different styles.


How about the designs?


Well, they continue to add new designs to their inventory and expand their great collection. When you check out their website they even sort out their designs into 4 categories/vibes: Rave, Hippie, Holla-graphic, and Psychedelic. The designs go from simple colors to holographic and even to pizza slices or aliens. With plenty of designs to choose from you can match your hydration packs to your outfits and style.



Why Pockets?


Pockets for most of the designs make it so much easier to have fun at a festival. The reason being is that it can hold all of the items you need and you can be hands-free. Nothing is better than being able to dance at a music festival without worrying about holding onto things. It is also great because you can bring all of the things you will need.


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Choosing a side for the mouthpiece?


May not seem as important to some, but it is a wonderful thing. I personally choose to have the mouthpiece on my right side, but my boyfriend prefers the left. It is like choosing which side your watch is on because of your dominant hand. Comfort is key, just like staying hydrated. The Vibedration water packs actually have it so that you can choose your side and switch it at any time.


Are spare parts necessary?


The hydration packs really are made of high-quality materials and last very long, but sometimes you may want to change a piece. The piece we are talking about mainly is the mouthpiece cover.


Mouthpieces can get pretty dirty if you aren’t taking care of them well. They even can wear out due to being chewed on by some people or just used a ton. It is always nice to have an extra as well. Good thing is that they sell the mouthpieces in small packs of 3 or 5 and they really aren’t expensive.


You can even get a new bladder for the pack by itself in case something happens to it. These may not need to be changed much, but use your judgment on when you should change it. The reason being is that if they aren’t taken care of well it could get pretty bad. Proper care will make these last a long time though.


Overall opinion of Vibedration packs?


We ended up getting two 2.0L Vibedration water hydration packs and we have used them for many things since getting them. The designs that we chose was the aliens and a holographic silver pack.


These worked perfectly with our outfits and honestly go with everything. Comments come in like crazy when we wear them to places because not many people see water packs in such fun designs. You don’t even need to take them to just festivals at all, you can take them out for camping, walks, hikes, etc. We actually use ours for walks all the time.


We have even found them to be super comfortable and easy to dance with at festivals. Just buckle the chest buckle to make it easier on your shoulders and support the weight. This also makes them more secure while you are dancing or running so that they won’t move much.


You don’t need to fill them all of the way if you don’t want to which can make them lighter and easier on your back if you are smaller. Either way, we absolutely love our Vibedration packs. Once our daughter gets older we plan on getting her one of the smaller ones as well.


If you are excited to get one then get it for 10% off! Just use code LIFEOFAURA at check out! Head over now!



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Your Turn!


Have you used a water hydration pack before? What kind have you tried or seen? Would you like to have one that comes in amazing designs that match your personality? Let us know!

Get ready for festival season with the perfect water hydration pack. #rave #festival #waterpack
Festival season has come and it is time to stay hydrated. Check out why VIbedration should be your go to. #rave #festival #waterpack
Festival season has come and it is time to stay hydrated. Check out why VIbedration should be your go to. #rave #festival #waterpack
Get ready for festival season with the perfect water hydration pack. #rave #festival #waterpack

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  1. These look so awesome! I am definitely going to grab one for festivals and other outdoor stuff!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Aren’t they the coolest water packs you have seen? I love the designs they have and they have much more than the ones shown. They are super convenient to use when taking long walks with family members or just working out. It is summer time as well so make sure you stay hydrated, especially when you are outdoors! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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