Why do People go to Such Lengths to Attend EDC?

EDC Las Vegas means the world to so many people and they won't let anything stop them from getting there. #edc #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm

Although EDM has been gain a lot more attention, EDC is still not as widely known as we think. But that doesn’t stop 420,000+ people to attend EDC Las Vegas each year. That doesn’t even count the people that attend EDC Orlando and the 4 international EDC’s as well. Many of the people go to such lengths to attend EDC and those lengths would surprise you.

EDC Las Vegas means the world to so many people and they won't let anything stop them from getting there. #edc #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm

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Why do people go to such lengths to attend EDC?

Before we get into why people go to these lengths to get to EDC and attend EDC, in general, we should talk about what lengths people go to and why they want to go to EDC.

What is EDC?

So EDC is the Electric Daisy Carnival and the biggest one is in Las Vegas at the speedway. Now, this is the largest EDM festival in the United States and 420,000+ people attend it. Along with the amazing DJs that perform there are carnival rides, shops, food, and the best part are the festival-goers themselves.

EDC Las Vegas brings in such an amazing crowd of people that you are basically guaranteed to make new friends and even potential partners. There are people that just want to have fun. Some are really caring and want to keep everyone safe. And people that go just for the music. Either way, they always want to come back and have yet another amazing experience.

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What lengths do people go to just to attend EDC?

So now that you know a little bit about EDC let’s dive into what people actually go through to attend.

EDC Las Vegas is in Vegas, but people fly in from all over the world just to go. There are people that only have a passport just to come to EDC Las Vegas each year. But there are also people who actually drive there as well. Some of these people drive from places like Massachusetts, New York, Seattle, Michigan, and even from Canada. Yeah, that is just insane. Amazing, but a lot of driving.

Don’t forget about the people who actually backpack and hitchhike across the country to go. Yup, you read that right. People have hitchhiked to get to EDC and yet they still made it there.

Posting on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc to get a ride to EDC. It can be complete strangers, but at least you know that they too are planning to get to EDC and not just jumping from one person to another to get there like hitchhiking.

Now EDC can get quite expensive and people actually take on another job just to be able to make it. Imagine adding a job that only pays, for one thing, a year. That might actually be a bit too much for me.

On the other side of that people have quit their jobs right before EDC because their job would not allow them to have time off to go. It might sound a bit extreme, but it has happened and probably will continue to happen among some of the 420,000+ festival-goers.

Some people have been laid off right before EDC and that is quite sad, but they still manage to get there. How? Selling their things, hitchhiking, reaching out to other EDC attendees, maxing out a credit card, and just being creative with how they are going to pull it off because this means the world to them.

Why do people do this?

EDC is an experience you will never forget and it will always make you never want to leave and to come back time after time. And that is worth everything to many people. This weekend is the best vacation they could as for and the one that means the most.

Once you get to meet so many amazing people that are plur to the core and love the music you won’t want to let that go. You would use everything you could think of just to make it happen. So flying, driving, backpacking, hitchhiking, quitting a job, are all just ways to get back to the best feeling and the EDM family you end up having each time.

Plus, who could forget the rush of such a huge event, tons of people dressed however they want and those larger than life fireworks. Well have a great time and enjoy EDC!

What is your craziest story for how you or someone you know got to EDC?

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