What to Pack for Six Flags With Kids

Going to Six Flags with your family is a blast, especially for those who love thrills and rollercoasters. The only thing is that you might still have younger children who can’t go on most of the rides if any at all. You should still bring them because they can have fun too. But you need to know what to pack for a trip to Six Flags when you go with kids, so let’s get to it.

Family trips are amazing, but when you go to a theme park like Six Flags there is a little more packing involved for little ones. Be prepared so you can have fun. #sixflags #packinglist #children

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What to pack for Six Flags with kids

Now it doesn’t really matter which Six Flags you are going to for the most part you aren’t allowed to bring in outside food or drinks. BUT if you have an infant or toddler you usually can get away with bringing in their food and drinks. I personally bring in snacks and juices for my daughter because I don’t want her eating what is there. Plus, a toddler shouldn’t have to eat Six Flags’ food and many kids can be pretty picky so they won’t even eat that food.

The younger the child is the more you will need to pack. So luckily once they start getting older you can just bring them and some money and call it good. But that is your call when to stop bringing a lot. I do suggest after they are 5 or older, though you can always pack things like a change of clothing and leave it in the car if needed until you feel ready.

For Babies:

This will be the group that will always need to most things when packing for any trip out of the house. All because babies are babies and need the most care. Breastfeeding babies will require a few different things than formula/ bottle fed babies just because it is different itself. You are always welcome to add a few more things to your list or not pack some as well.

  • Formula
  • Baby bottle
  • Water bottle (with or without water your choice)
  • Baby puffs
  • Pureed food (I prefer the squeeze pouches)
  • Bib
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Onesies
  • Spare pants
  • Jacket (In case it gets cold)
  • Hat
  • Blanket
  • Binky
  • Socks
  • Spare dress (for girls)
  • A toy to keep them entertained
  • Stroller
  • If Breastfeeding:
    • Feeding cover
    • Nipple covers/pads
    • Breastmilk (If pumping)

For Toddlers:

With toddlers, you have a bit less to take since they are growing up and becoming a bit more independent. I would always suggest an extra set of clothing though because they manage to get dirty and the kid’s area itself gets dirty too. And around this time they still might be new to many foods and Six Flags do not really have a healthy snack or meal for toddlers so I suggest bringing something. That way they don’t have a meal they won’t like and they don’t go the whole day without something that is good for their growth.

For Kids 4+:

With kids 4 and older you really can start cutting back on what you bring. Now you are always welcome to bring a change of clothing if you think it might be needed, but by this time they should be fine with both the food and activities inside of Six Flags. Though for kids around 4 I might suggest a small stroller just in case they decide they don’t want to walk anymore. That way you aren’t stuck holding them the entire time and hurting your back. But if you still want to pack some things for them then go for it.

  • Juice
  • Squeeze pouch foods
  • Small snacks
  • Pull-ups (If not potty trained yet)
  • Change of clothing
    • Shirt
    • Pants
    • Underwear
    • Socks
  • Water bottle
  • Umbrella stroller
  • Toy for entertainment

Now that you have packed for your little ones you are ready to go have some fun at Six Flags. Don’t forget that there are some rides that babies and toddlers can go on too. There usually is a section just for young children which include rides, a play area, and some stages for kid shows. So next time you go bring the tiny tots and let them enjoy the theme park as well.

Family trips are amazing, but when you go to a theme park like Six Flags there is a little more packing involved for little ones. Be prepared so you can have fun. #sixflags #packinglist #children

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