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EDC Las Vegas is approaching fast. Soon we will be welcomed back under the electric sky! Have you even started packing yet? Do you even know what to bring into EDC? Well let me help you with that.

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It took me a lot of time to pack everything. I just couldn’t decide on what to bring. Plus, waiting on final packages to come makes the process that much slower.

I already packed everything for Camp EDC. If you don’t know what to bring then check out our What to Bring to Camp EDC post. The list is a lot larger for camp than just EDC. That’s because you will need different things.

This post will be just what to bring into EDC itself. Not for what to bring to your hotel or to Camp EDC.


Now there are many things that are prohibited. Drugs are the #1 prohibited item of course. EDC has a no drug tolerance and they will be trying to enforce it the best that they can. Yes, drugs still get smuggled in anyway. It does happen. Officers will be walking the grounds both inside and outside of EDC.

Quick Note: All items that get confiscated will NOT be returned at anytime.

What to Bring to EDC Vegas?

So what should I bring?

This is a list of essential items that are highly recommended to be bringing to EDC. Please note that most items will need to be factory sealed upon arrival due to safety reasons. Others may just need to be empty.

Your ID

This is essential. You need your ID to even get into EDC. You will also need it if you have a 21+ pass or are trying to buy alcoholic drinks. They only accept these forms of ID though:

  • Driver’s license or ID card that has a photo of you.
  • Current passport with birthdate and picture.
  • Temporary DMV license – ONLY if accompanied by a passport or expired license (this is in case you are currently renewing a license)

But they will NOT accept any of these forms of ID:

  • School ID
  • Consular ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Expired ID of any kind
  • Photocopy of an ID
  • Temporary DMV license without a passport or expired license

Make sure that you bring the right ID and that it is not expired.

Ticket AKA your wristband

Do not forget these. It is basically the only way to get in. They will replace a lost or damaged wristband for $40. They must be registered beforehand though. Make sure to register it to your name.

Quick Tip: When it is time to put these on. AKA the first day of EDC. Make sure it goes on your RIGHT wrist. Not the left.

A bag (any under 12” x 12” allowed)

I highly recommend having a bag of some sort. It helps out a lot. Whether it be a water pack, fanny pack, or just a regular bag. This helps out by having something to put things in to keep your hands free.

They do have lockers at EDC that you can rent. But it means that you may have to go back to your locker every time you want to get something.

Out of the options I highly suggest a water pack. It serves many much-needed purposes.

A reusable water bottle OR a water pack

You need something that you can refill with water almost all day. Whether that be a reusable water bottle or a water pack. Water packs are great because they leave you hands-free and can hold other things as well. This way you won’t need to rent a locker for your things.

Quick Note: I love my Vibedration water pack. It is super light and the one I have can hold 2.0L of water. It is comfortable and made with breathable material so my back doesn’t get too sweaty. The best thing is that they come in such amazing designs. I am sure you can find one that will match your outfits as well. We currently have a hologram and alien designs. Check them out.


I promise you that the stages will be loud. If your like many people you will want to be up at the front of the stage as well. That means it will be even louder. The louder it is the more damage it can do to your ears. Please bring some good quality earplugs to make it much better on your ears. There are some great earplugs that basically sound like all you did was turn the volume down and not mess with the quality of the music. We are bringing these Eargasm earplugs.

Quick note: When we first tested these earplugs out we couldn’t even tell that we had music on very loud. Everything even sounded very similar. There was not much change in quality of the music either. It basically just sounded like we turned the volume down. I recommend these if you are on more of a budget.


Many people think that they won’t need sunscreen. They regret it a lot of the time. EDC is mostly at night, but sunset and sunrise can still reek havoc on your skin. If you are the type of person that arrives after the sun has already set or leaves before the sunrises then maybe you won’t need it. But if you plan to stay there the whole time you will want it. Remember that this is the desert and Las Vegas to be exact. It gets hot and the sun is deadly. You don’t want to be burned on the first day of EDC. That would make it so much harder for the next 2 days. Save your skin and bring sunscreen.

Sealed Chapstick

I suggest buying a 3 pack and keeping each sealed. This way you can bring in one each day. But you can’t bring in an already opened one. You should have chapstick on you though. Lips can be sunburned too. And you don’t want them to dry out during the heat where they start to crack and bleed. That would be no fun.

Wear comfortable shoes

You will be walking a LOT. Bring some shoes you are comfortable it. Do not wear sandals because they have no support. Let alone there are so many people you are bound to be stepped on. It is best to wear shoes that you have already broken in as well. New shoes can hurt your feet and cause bruising and cuts.

Wet wipes

Bring a new (factory sealed) pack of wet wipes each day. You will thank me later. Wet wipes come in handy for many things. The biggest thing you may need it for is in case the bathrooms run out of toilet paper. Yup that actually happens. Mostly towards the end of the night when EDC is almost over though. But you never know if they will run out at some point. Be prepared.

Feminine products (if you are a female)

Sometimes being a female can be unpredictable. Better to be safe than sorry and bring either your tampons or pads. Each one needs to be factory sealed upon arrival though. EDC just wants to take precaution about things prohibited being smuggled in.

Small amounts of spending money

You can bring a card, whether it be a debit or credit card, as well. But I also suggest a bit of cash each day. Maybe $50 give or take. You probably won’t use it all. If you are like the rest of us you will probably use card most of the time. But have cash as a backup in case of a technological malfunction. Sometimes cards don’t read. Sometimes card readers break. You need to remember that it will be hot and technology doesn’t do the best in extreme heat. If you bring cash you are sure that even if something goes down you can pay with cash.

Quick Tip: Take your ID, card, and cash and tie them together with a rubber band. Put them in a resealable sandwich bag to protect against water. If you brought a bag with you then put it in your bag. You may even be able to put a travel-sized lock on your bag for extra security. Now you have kept everything together. Away from getting damaged by water. And secured in your bag.


Most people won’t leave a room without their phone. Good thing is that you can have your phone with you. Though you may not have any reception at EDC. Just take some awesome pictures and videos. No need to be on social media the whole time. Try to enjoy the festival and not just behind the screen of your phone.


Cameras count as well, but not a need. If you don’t want to bring your phone then taking a camera is a nice substitute plan to take pictures. Just note that professional cameras are not allowed. Usually if they have a removable lens to be able to change out lenses then it can be considered professional.


Cheaper pairs are better to bring because they can easily get lost or damaged. But you will want some when day breaks. The desert does get quite bright and your eyes were used to the dark.

Quick Recap


  • Acceptable form of ID
  • Wristband AKA ticket
  • A bag/fanny pack/water pack
  • Water bottle or water pack
  • Earplugs
  • Sunscreen
  • Sealed Chapstick
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wet wipes
  • Feminine products
  • Small amounts of spending money
  • Your phone
  • Camera (not professional)
  • And sunglasses

Well that is about it

There are more things that you may choose to bring as well. But these are the main things that you will want to make sure to bring. You can check out more acceptable items at EDC’s official page.

Just remember that they do have a lot of things that are prohibited. And anything confiscated will not be given back at anytime. It is just gone.

Hope to see you all soon under the electric sky!

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