What to Bring to Camp EDC

Already packing your bags for EDC Vegas? Do you know what you should bring to Camp EDC? Check out these lists of what to bring to Camp EDC. #EDC #EDCLV2018 #festivalseason #CampEDC

Just a few more days left until Camp EDC 2018! With camp being completely sold out we all are probably impatient for it to come. Some may already have their bags packed. Maybe you are waiting on those final packages to arrive.

Either way, it seems hard to figure out what to bring. Remember that the vehicles and RV’s will be searched when checking in. Reason being that we have access to them at all times without another security check. This is great that we don’t have to go through security over and over again, but this means anything prohibited in the vehicle will be confiscated.

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What to bring to Camp EDC

So what should we bring?

That’s a very good question. Many times I see this question being asked. Well, it might just depend on the option you chose.

Desert Rose tents don’t need to worry about a sleeping bag or an air mattress. It actually comes with the air mattress. Along with pillows, pillowcases, flat sheets, and a duvet. So all of that is already taken care of for them.

RV’s probably won’t need an air mattress, but maybe sleeping bags or blankets and pillows depending on the sleeping situation. Each RV is different and it also depends on how many people are in the RV.

On the other hand you have the Moon Glow tents. These are basically a blank canvas. They have the air conditioning, string lights on the ceiling, and the USB ports. But no bedding, beds, or sleeping bags. So, if you are going to be in a Moon Glow tent then you may have more things to bring than the others.

Insomniac store at the camp does have supplies that can be pre-ordered. This means you pay for items like an air mattress, blankets, tables, etc. and pick them up from the store on the campgrounds. Do note that these are limited in quantity so you do have to snag them as quick as you can if you want them.

The highly recommended essential items

This will be more of the generic list for all campers. Depending on the option you chose you may not need everything on this list. If you don’t think you will need it then you don’t have to bring it.


Do not forget this because it is needed to get in. 21+ needs this as well for all the bars and VIP access to EDC along with their ticket.


Needed to get into EDC.

Camp pass

Needed to get the campers wrist band.

Camp vehicle sticker

Needed to park the car.


Many may forget about this, but you really will need it. If you are going to the Daytime Pool Parties then this will be your best friend.


Please don’t damage your ears more than they are. The closer you are to the stages and speakers the more this will save your hearing. I personally have these ones below. 

USB charging cables

Each tent has 4 USB ports to charge your devices. Not regular outlets, just USB.


Daytime will be very bright. Bring cheaper sunglasses since they may get lost or damaged.

2 travel-sized locks for tent

You will want to lock your tents up and they do not provide these. There is 2 doors so you will need a lock for each of them.

Something to distinguish your tent

It may be a totem or something of that sort. There is going to be tons of tents and they all look the same.

Towels and sandals for the showers

Reusable water bottles

It can be a water pack instead if you would like, but make sure to have something for water.

Cooler/ Ice chest

For all the food or drinks you are going to bring. They do sell ice at the stores so that you can refill it.

Eye masks

If you can’t sleep when it is bright outside.

Trash bags

These are not provided for inside the tents. Please keep the campsite clean by throwing your trash away.

Food and drinks

No alcohol is allowed. Beer is fine if you are 21+. Bring food and drinks for your tent so you don’t have to buy everything. Snacks at least will help you out from the long lines.

Blankets and pillows

Sleeping bags or an air mattress

Sealed lip balm


Don’t forget all of those amazing outfits that you worked hard on making or picking out.

Comfortable shoes

Be prepared that these may get ruined after all of the walking and dancing.

Tylenol, Advil, or something for headaches

You are bound to get a headache at one point. Make sure these are in their original bottles otherwise they will be confiscated.

Your prescription medication

If you are to be taking your prescriptions, don’t forget these.

These essentials are highly recommended and important. You can either bring it or you may need to buy some at the stores there. Remember this is still Las Vegas, Nevada and even though they moved it to May instead of June it will still be hot.

Other items you may want to bring:


Makeup remover

Wet wipes

For EDC and possibly camp EDC. These come in handy for when you get sticky hands from food. Or if the bathrooms run out of toilet paper or soap.

Toilet paper

Just in case the bathrooms run out of it or the EDC bathrooms run out.

Hydration packs

Can be more convenient than a water bottle. Less things to hold. I actually am taking the one below with me this year. It is from Vibedration

Gallon sized empty jug or container

You can refill this at the water stations and put in your cooler for some nice cold water at your tent. Also, less trips to the water refill stations.

Portable grill

Do some cooking. Costs less than buying the food for every meal. Plus you can make new camper friends.

Feminine products (tampons, pads, medication, etc.)

You never know if you will need these. Being a female it can be unpredictable. If you don’t need it then maybe you can help someone else out who may need them.

Kandi and supplies

Kandi may be currency for some people. You can trade kandi for services like having your hair done or glitter, etc. Also, have enough kandi to trade with the new friends you meet at EDC.

Small amounts of spending money

This could mean bringing one card with you and maybe a small amount of cash just in case.


For all of those that like to get all glittered up.

Hair ties

You never know if yours will break. Bring a spare or a few spares.

Small table

Can be used inside the tents for something to put food or items on.


Fold up ones that can be used inside the tents as well. Somewhere to sit that isn’t the ground.

Inflatable couch

Some of these can turn into a bed as well. We are bringing one that goes into a queen-sized air mattress. This one below to be exact. 

Vape pens/mods and liquid

Make sure the tank is empty for the pen or mod and that the liquid is factory sealed.

Cigarettes and a lighter

If you smoke of course. Needs to be a new pack of cigarettes.


Not a professional one. Be careful with these because it can be damaged by dropping or so.

Camera charger

USB if possible. The charging station in the Mesa has regular outlets if needed.

Extra travel-sized locks

Can be used on bags or water packs if it makes you feel more comfortable.


Shower essentials (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.)

Perfume or cologne

Small glass bottles are okay, but large glass bottles are prohibited. Try to bring the ones in plastic or small glass bottles.

Charging phone case

These charge your phones while you go. The cases aren’t very expensive either.

Face and body jewels

Have fun with your makeup or outfit.

Your contacts or glasses

If you wear contacts or glasses make sure to bring them. Don’t forget their cases or the solution for contacts.

Fanny packs

A nice way to carry items and still be hands-free.

Sealed packs of gum

Your phone

Take those pictures. Just don’t forget to have a fun time.

Plastic mirrors

Glass mirrors are not allowed because they can shatter.

Glow sticks


Acoustic instruments


Depending on if you tend to have dry skin.

First aid kit

The medical tents have first aid kits, but it is nice to be prepared. Pack some band-aids and things just in case.

Basically, anything you want to decorate your tent with. As long as it isn’t prohibited.

Try to pack light guys, but still make sure you have the things you need. There will be shops to get some of the things you may need, but it may be more expensive. They may also sell out of something you need. Play it safe and bring the things you know you will need.

Don’t bring things that are prohibited. Remember they will be checking your vehicles and anything confiscated you will not get back. Be cautious and don’t take it so lightly. You may lose something you wish you didn’t.

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