What Should You Expect When Becoming a New Mom?

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We all know that our mothers did a lot for us growing up and some still do a lot even after you became an adult. But, most things mothers do we don’t remember or go unseen. What should you be expecting when you become a new mom though?


Mothers usually make your food, kiss your owies when you got hurt, give you advice, teach you new skills, change your diapers, and comfort you. Or at least that is what most of us would remember. What about the things that they do when you aren’t there to remember it?


Personally, I think many of us take our mothers for granted because we believe that it is her job to do it or something along those lines. But, the truth of the matter is that they do so much because they love us and want us to succeed.


What should you expect when becoming a new mom?


Childbirth changes your body


Sad to say, but your body won’t be the exact same as before you were even pregnant. Your hormones have changed. Some parts of you were stretched and with healing, it may come close to before, but just not quite the same.


Those stretch marks may be there to stay. Some fade very well and some stay super pigmented. Those rare people may only have a couple stretch marks, but they are basically inevitable, even with creams and oils.


If you breastfeed, your boobs will change a lot. While still breastfeeding they will grow and shrink with your milk supply. You may also get stretch marks here because of that. And don’t forget your battle scars with those sharp daggers for fingernails that babies get.


Gross isn’t exactly gross any more


You might be one of those people who gets grossed out by a lot, but once you have a kid poop, spit up, throw up, drool, and much more become common and might no longer phase you. You even talk about these things with family members, doctors, mom friends, and it just seems normal to you.


Don’t worry being proud that your baby poops regularly and is going through enough diapers each day is awesome because that means you are happy that your baby is healthy.


And when that drool starts you get excited because your baby is teething and progressing well. You won’t even mind that you may be covered in drool.


Temper tantrums can happen at all ages


It is not just those terrible twos that kids throw temper tantrums. It can be at any age. Maybe even just a few months old. My daughter started her small tantrums at 3 months old, but when she turned 4 months old she had full out tantrums at a lot of things. This girl just wanted to be a diva about everything.


Be prepared to let them cry it out a little bit. It may hurt to hear them cry, but sometimes they need to. Also, be willing to let someone else jump in to help calm them down. Someone you trust of course.


You are not a bad mom


This may seem silly to think that you need to expect this, but you will get thoughts like this a lot. If your kids cry, you are not a bad mom. If you can’t get them all the toys that they want, you are not a bad mom. If you make them do chores, you are not a bad mom. If you say no to them, you are not a bad mom.


You can only do your best and raise your kids the way you think is best for them. There is no superior way to raise a child. And if you worry about being a bad mom, you really aren’t, you are just doing your best.


Remember you are the mom, not someone else


Many people will tell you how you should raise your kids or how they would do it. They are not your child’s mother, you are. You have the final decision. You can take the advice that you want or you can choose not to. Either way, you are the mother. Grandma is the grandma, not the mother. Aunts are aunts, not mom.


Don’t feel like you have to do it the way someone else said to. Your intuition counts the most in this situation.


Some parts of motherhood are more of a feeling than knowledge


As a mom, if you feel something is wrong, then it usually is. You will learn to trust your gut feeling in many cases. If you feel like you should vaccinate your child, then do it. If you feel like your baby is ready for solids and showing signs, then go for it.


Many people may tell you to wait for when the time is right or they are this many months or years old. And sometimes you do want to wait, but if your gut is telling you otherwise then trust it because every kid is different and you know them better than anyone else since you are the mother.


Your needs tend to go out the window


Need for privacy, not happening. They will follow you everywhere or require your full undivided attention.


Want warm food? That must be a rare occasion because children are a handful especially when young. You will end up tending to their needs and come back to cold food that you need to heat back up.


Time to yourself? Not likely unless you hire a babysitter or they go to grandma’s house for a bit.


Sleep? Sadly, thinking of getting sleep like a normal person for the first few years is almost a joke. You will end up with the strangest sleeping patterns that you never expected to have.


Despite all of the tiredness, you will feel so much happiness


Watching your child grow and accomplish goals will just soothe your soul. You will have ups and downs as they grow up, but overall you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.


The smiles, the warm hugs, the milestones, and their unique personality will just make everything you go through so worth it.


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Everything is new to you when you are becoming a first time mom. Learn what you should be expecting at momwhoraves.com. #mom #whattoexpect #motherhood #pregnancy

Everything is new to you when you are becoming a first time mom. Learn what you should be expecting at momwhoraves.com. #mom #whattoexpect #motherhood #pregnancy

Everything is new to you when you are becoming a first time mom. Learn what you should be expecting at momwhoraves.com. #mom #whattoexpect #motherhood #pregnancy

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