What Ruins a Rave

We all love music and having a great time, but people just love to ruin raves for others. Check out what truly ruins a rave at momwhoraves.com. #rave #edm #edmshow

I know we have all heard about raves and usually what we think about is the bad things. Though, in reality, they can be quite amazing and bring people together from all walks of life. Raves are a blast, but there are a few things that ruin it for everyone and cause the stereotype of raves to be bad.


There are many types of people who attend a rave and some are those who attend EDM festivals as well. I could go into a long talk about the type of people at raves, but I won’t in this post. If you want to know the most common types of ravers then head over here.


Now let’s get right to what truly ruins a rave experience and the name.


What Ruins a Rave


Being Groped


Raves can be really packed and that means that it is easier to be groped. And no one likes to be groped by random strangers in a crowd when they are trying to go back to friends, get a drink, or go to the bathroom.


Now festivals are very tightly packed as well, but people there usually stick to the plur standards and respect each other. That means there is less groping by far because people are there for the music and the wonderful plur atmosphere, not to be rude and grope people.


(If you don’t know what plur means it stands for: Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.)


Complete Drunks


No one likes a drunk. Sad thing is that there are still drunks everywhere and raves aren’t excluded. There are the aggressive drunks that start pushing others, the drunks that start grinding on random strangers, and the ones that try to dance, but end up stepping on others or crashing into others.


These people are just annoying to be around in general, but when you add tightly packed people into the mix it just becomes so much worse. Especially when it is hard to get away from them due to all of the people there.


Rocking the Rail on Purpose


Headbangers love the rail and it loves headbangers. Problem is there are people that will purposely rock the rail which can cause a few problems.


First off the rails at a rave are small and not very well held down. Which can become very dangerous. I actually almost got a broken nose just from people rocking the rail and I was standing back from it. People can truly be scary with how badly they want to rock the rail.


Also, the security guards will even get mad at people rocking the rail and they will start telling people they will get kicked out. The reason this is bad is that they usually accuse the wrong people. Literally, the only people not rocking the rail get told that if they keep it up they will be asked to leave.


Dirty Birds


If you don’t know what I mean by dirty birds then let me explain. It is the people that just came to hook up and are grinding all over each other. This also includes the ones that are bouncing from person to person just to grind on everyone they can. It is nasty. Just plain disgusting.


A rave is about the music and plur, not to be nasty and disrespectful. The reason this truly ruins a rave is because of unwanted people trying to grind on you. No one wants unwanted touching from a stranger. Then, there is how the venue starts smelling. Once people start becoming nasty at a rave it makes the whole place smell like sweat and sex. It just becomes nasty.


Don’t forget that because they are sweating and the venue is tightly packed, you will get unwanted dirty bird sweat rubbing on you. Whether it be on your arms or getting whacked in the face with their sweaty hair, it is still gross. (You will probably want to take a shower afterward because I know I do every time.)




Some people crave mosh-pits and that is fine. What is not fine is the unorganized mosh-pits that hurt people. Innocent bystanders that are unaware of a mosh-pit going on can truly get hurt.


Last time I was at a rave, an unorganized mosh-pit started and a dude was thrown into me and badly hurt my leg from my knee down. I ended up in pain for the rest of the night (about 4 hours left to go at the time I got injured) and my previous fun was no longer fun. My knee and Achilles heel were the most hurt so I ended up limping and no longer able to dance. No fun.


There have also been times where some ladies have been pushed down by a mosh-pit and trampled on without any of the guys who pushed her down picking her up. These ladies weren’t even in the mosh-pit, they were just dancing where they were and still got hurt. Rude and dangerous beyond belief. Please be careful!


Frat Guys


We are basically talking about the stereotypical frat guys that we all know so well. The ones who drink too much, hit on any and every girl they can, think that they are the center of attention, love mosh pits, may take drugs or bring them to share, and much more. Yes, these guys still exist and there are some wonderful and gentlemanly frat guys, but we are just talking about the stereotypical ones.


The reason these guys ruin raves is that they make some people feel very uncomfortable. Mainly being the female ravers that are not there to be groped, but just are there for the music. They start an unorganized mosh-pit where people get hurt. Basically, they do all of the things above that totally ruins a rave. So be prepared when you go out to a rave because they are bound to be there.


There you are


All of these things ruin the name for raves and can just completely ruin the experience at a rave. It is better to be informed before experiencing your first rave instead of going in blind. Otherwise, you may never go to a rave again because you might have had a bad time.


Please be respectful to others when you go as well. Remember that you contribute to other people’s experiences.


Let Us Know


Have you had a bad experience at a rave? If so, what was it? Do you still go to raves? What is your favorite part of a rave?


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We all love music and having a great time, but people just love to ruin raves for others. Check out what truly ruins a rave at momwhoraves.com. #rave #edm #edmshow

We all love music and having a great time, but people just love to ruin raves for others. Check out what truly ruins a rave at momwhoraves.com. #rave #edm #edmshow

We all love music and having a great time, but people just love to ruin raves for others. Check out what truly ruins a rave at momwhoraves.com. #rave #edm #edmshow

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