What Problems Occurred at Camp EDC 2018

Camp EDC may be amazing, but everything has trouble when first starting. Check out the problems that Camp EDC had in 2018 before you decide to go for 2019. #lifeofaura #EDC #EDCLV2018 #electricdaisycarnival #rave #festival #festivalseason #festivalcamping

Camp EDC just finished it’s first year and so many had a great time. There are always bumps in the road for the first of anything. Camp EDC is not an exception. So what were the problems at camp this year?


What Problems Occurred at Camp EDC 2018




The check-in process of camp was probably the biggest issue for most people. The people who already understood that it was going to take time didn’t have as big of a problem then the people who thought it would be so swiftly done.


Many people who complain about it needed to realize that it takes time to search RVs and vehicles thoroughly enough to make sure prohibited items weren’t making it in. The prohibited list is pretty long as well and they wanted to ensure the safety of their campers.


Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of prohibited items that did make its way into camp.


Lanes for check-in


What slowed down the line even more than people not understanding was people going into the wrong lane. When people went into the “faster” moving line in the beginning they were cutting off a lot of people because they had to merge back over. This would anger many who wait for so long. It also made the wrong lane angry when people did not want to let them merge back over.


If Insomniac made it more clear with signs letting people know this then it would have gone much smoother than it did.


The first checkpoint


Once you got to the first checkpoint you needed to have your Camp EDC vehicle sticker on and your little tag out for them to scan it. Many people did not have these ready which made some of the lines take longer.


This was where they assigned the tents as well. If you were ADA they had to take a bit longer because they did not have it well set up in the beginning.


For me I had the ADA approval, but my sticker and tag did not have ADA on it so they assigned me a tent in the wrong section at first. Then they had to have a conversation to figure out how to undo the assignment and re-assign me to the correct section. They did get it figured out, but it added extra time to my line and showed that they weren’t prepared for it yet.




The second checkpoint was security and of course it would take a large chunk of time to check the vehicles and RVs. Problem was they seemed unorganized and not sure of what exactly to do or fully check for.


The process was not well planned. Once they started to get a feel for the process and campers were aware of what to do to help them out it went faster.


Every vehicle had to take out all bags from the car. Some cars started to do this before they got to the front to make it quicker on staff.


Then the security had to open all bags and search them. Check the car itself. Including the hood, trunk, seats, and front console.


Once done campers had to stuff everything back in the vehicle and then go wait in the parking line.


Parking line


For the first groups in we had to wait, but at no fault to Insomniac. The event that was before us left their stuff in the area we needed and Insomniac had to quickly clean it up and move it. So, the beginning line was not due to the camp, but the event beforehand that was rude.


In the parking line it just took time because it turned into one line and had to wait on some people parking.


My only issue was one of the workers that was separating the parking into GA, ADA, and Desert Rose. Reason being is that my tag was scribbled on because of the first entrance messing up at first due to assigning the wrong tent.


But the issue was that the worker was extremely rude to me. He stood there and stared at my tag and told me “It did not look legit”. Like how is it not “legit”? I have no clue how to assign tents and why would I scribble it out? He was not letting us go to the correct parking lot until I forced him to ask ADA and went without his approval.


This lead to the line being held up for a while because he did not believe that a pregnant lady was in the ADA section.


Hopefully ADA got that issue sorted out with him and it did not cause another issue with another person down the line who needed to be in ADA. It just takes one rude worker to ruin someone’s day and just one rude worker to hold up the line for so many people.


Next on the list is…




Many of us were prepared for bathrooms to run out of things like toilet paper and we brought our own. Bathrooms really would run out of toilet paper towards the end of every night. It would be restocked while most of us were sleeping, but that took time.


Some of the main bathrooms would actually get flooded and disgusting. The staff tried their best to clean it up in a timely manner, but it seemed they were short staffed for all the work they needed to do.


Another complaint was that there were not enough porta-potties in certain sections so there would always be a line. Good news was that Pasquale Rotella got word of this and he ordered 100 more. The extra porta-potties came shortly and it fixed many issues.


Having Pasquale Rotella quickly solve an issue shows how much he is trying to fix the problems that we were having.


Air conditioning


Apparently there was a section of tents that lost power. Leaving them without air conditioning. It seems that they quickly tried to fix the problem, but some may have had a harder time due to this. Our section did not experience any of this.


The only thing some of the tents in our section experienced was at times it would blow hot air in. This was probably coming from another tent and instead of the air conditioner sending it outside it went into the next tent. It only happened every so often with the tents though.


There was very few places that had air conditioning in the camp. The large tent at the Mesa had misting fans which helped cool people down, but no a/c. The tents were basically the only places with a/c besides one set of bathrooms.




Lights were promised to be in the tents. Most did not receive lights at all. They realized last minute during set up that it would be a fire hazard. So if you did not bring your own light you were in the dark. Phones do help for lights and it works when needed.


Good thing is that most of the time at night you are at EDC and don’t need lights in your tent otherwise.


The doors are a bit awkward to put things like luggage and coolers inside. It is just the tent itself. You get used to it, but I figured I would just point it out for you. That way you are prepared for it.


The tents that did not get checked into were open. Not locked. So if you had an empty tent next to you there is bound to be people having sex in it. This annoys you because they come and go. Also can be really loud when you are trying to sleep. Biggest problem is that people who would go into these tents and have sex would trash the place and leave it messy in there. They really should be locked. It makes it hard to sleep and is gross when they trash it and don’t clean it up.


Shaded areas


Sadly you were not allowed to bring things like a canopy for the tent area. This meant no shade for your tent or the area in front of your tent. Making it hotter for the tent and harder to relax outside during the day.


There were small areas in each section that had a bit of shade and benches to relax at. But it was very little shade.


The Mesa only had the 3 main tents and the shops that could provide shade. There was no shade near the pool. Meaning no shade while at the pool party shows each day.


It was just a problem since it was so easy to burn if you really wanted to stay and watch all of the pool party. Making it hard to watch everyone you would want to.




Things happen and it is to be expected for the 1st Camp EDC ever. With due time they will be able to fix the kinks that they had and make it better. There is no reason to be disappointed because people should be prepared for issues to arise.


You also had Pasquale Rotella walking the campgrounds asking people what they thought and the problems that they had. He obviously is trying his best to make things better. As soon as he found out things like there needing to be more bathrooms he fixed it.


Be patient guys. Even though it isn’t perfect yet. Camp EDC is still a luxury in many ways compared to some other campsites and staying at a hotel.


If you want to check out all of the things that went right during Camp EDC then check out this article here.


Would you do it again?


Absolutely! I expected issues and didn’t even have many problems. There were small things that I thought could be fixed, but nothing too major. If you are prepared to wait in long lines whether it is for the bathrooms and showers or just check-in then you are fine. Hopefully they fix some shading issues, but other than that it was great.


You get to meet amazing new friends that you call neighbors and you will miss them quickly. The rave family grows so easily while camping. If you forget something at home you can ask a neighbor and they probably have it for you to borrow.


Many campers would want to go back. We all miss each other dearly and you can’t get that close to people if you are at a hotel. Just be prepared for what can happen and understand that there are people trying to fix it. Let’s hope they keep improving and that we can be there again next year!


I hope to see you guys next year at Camp EDC!


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Camp EDC may be amazing, but everything has trouble when first starting. Check out the problems that Camp EDC had in 2018 before you decide to go for 2019. #lifeofaura #EDC #EDCLV2018 #electricdaisycarnival #rave #festival #festivalseason #festivalcamping

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