What is PLUR?

Before you jump to conclusions about PLUR being dead or not, do you really know what PLUR is? #festivalseason #rave #EDC #EDCvegas #festival #plur

PLUR lives, PLUR is dead, I wish there was more PLUR at EDC Las Vegas. You hear these all the time in the EDM community and especially after a festival. But what is PLUR? What does it mean and why do people care about it so much?

Before you jump to conclusions about PLUR being dead or not, do you really know what PLUR is? #festivalseason #rave #EDC #EDCvegas #festival #plur
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What is the definition of PLUR?

So PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. And many people in the EDM community stand behind it because it actually brings people together and gives off the perfect atmosphere for festivals and raves. So why these four things?

Well, Peace comes first because you need to choose to create a peaceful vibe to those around you. When it comes to raves and festivals you will get tightly packed and you need to remember that they are there to have a great time just like you and not start fights or arguing. Especially if you get hit by accident or stepped on when someone starts dancing. Just be peaceful and have a good time.

Love is for connecting with others. This is such a great part of the community because you are bound to make new friends at raves or festivals and they can turn into really good friendships that last forever.  And the best part is these friendships can come from just bumping into each other at a set or liking someone’s outfit, bag, or totem. These even lead to sometimes trading Kandi and social media accounts or numbers.

Unity if for helping others. Whether it be giving someone water so that they aren’t dehydrated or just letting each other know that there is a step and not to trip over it. Being united as one makes festivals like EDC that much better and 2 years in a row there have been 0 deaths because of it. That’s right there will always be people potentially overdosing and needing medical attention, but thanks to the unity of people going and the amazing medical staff we are able to save them.

Last, but not least is Respect and that is a huge factor when it comes to festivals and raves. Honestly, it should be something that everyone does in their general lives as well, but that doesn’t always happen. But you should respect your fellow ravers and festival goers because they are there for similar reasons that you are and everyone should be respected. This just implies the very simple behaviors of saying excuse me when you bump into someone, please and thank you’s when needed, and not groping random strangers.

Now that we have gone through all of that let’s look at what people really do to be PLUR.

Why do people say PLUR is dead?

Alright so there are always new festival goers and ravers that come into the scene, but what seems to make things worse is that they don’t know what PLUR is or how to be PLUR in general. This is what annoys people that go often or understand the community a lot more.

Due to people being new to festivals others will complain that PLUR is dead, which it isn’t. You just don’t know what it is or are not looking for it or even with the wrong group of people. Yes, who you go with will determine how much fun you have and if you experience PLUR in the rave community.

Before you jump to conclusions about PLUR being dead or not, do you really know what PLUR is? #festivalseason #rave #EDC #EDCvegas #festival #plur

So what really counts as PLUR?

Some of the biggest things I can tell you are true PLUR are:

  • If you get lost or separated from your group other groups of people will take you in as a part of their own group and you make more friends. Or some people may even turn you into Lost & Found at Insomniac events so that your friends can find you.
  • Fanning people who are overheating.
  • Letting other people know in a packed crowd that there is a step so that nobody trips over it.
  • Trading Kandi with someone you make a connection with or even just like something about them. These really create memories that will last and the Kandi will remind you of them.
  • Helping others find toilet paper for GA bathrooms or even just telling them which ones have toilet paper.
  • Giving people around you gum. It is one of the sweetest gestures that someone can do. Even if you are sober, drinking, etc. gum is a very great friend that can save you from grinding your teeth.
  • For those who smoke, people who are willing to give you a cigarette and light it for you or those who have lighters are blessings.

Yes, PLUR can come in all types of shapes and forms and that is what makes it wonderful. There are so many other ways that you can spread the love and make others feel great as well. Because when they feel great hopefully they will pass that on to others and then festivals become the best places on earth.

At your next festival find simple ways to make someone’s day. Make someone smile. Have a blast with them. Spread the love and respect that people deserve. Just spread PLUR.

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