What does ADA offer at EDC Vegas?

EDC wants to make sure that everyone can have a great time at The Electric Daisy Carnival. That includes ADA guests. Check out what EDC can offer you at momwhoraves.com. #EDC #electricdaisycarnival #rave #festivalseason #ada

What if you want to go to EDC, but you are injured or have a disability? It’s simple. Go to EDC. There is many things there to help people with ADA at EDC. They are there to help you and all you need to do is let them know you are going, what you will need for them to help you, and to grab your ADA wristband from the access center.


The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest EDM festivals in America. It is known as EDC for short and has even been hosted in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India, UK, and Puerto Rico. But the main one is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a place for you to come as you are no matter who you are.


That means don’t let things stop you from having a great time. And if you need an ADA wristband it is nothing that should stop you because they have many things to help you out.


Let’s get right into what EDC offers its ADA goers.


What does ADA offer at EDC Vegas?




There is a close spot right next to the Gate S entrance into EDC that is for people with an ADA wristband. Plenty of space for you to get out and for many guests that will need it. Great thing is that it is right there by the security check and shuttles as well.


Shorter line to get into EDC


With premier parking there is still a pretty long line for security checks, but not for ADA guests. If you have already received your ADA wristband there is a line just for you. Barely anyone to wait for because it is your own special line.


Shuttles to and from the Access Center and parking


What else is great is that you can have them pick you up in a golf cart to take you to the Access center inside EDC after you go through security. Once you have finished having a blast and want to return to your car (or Camp EDC if you choose to go) then head back to the Access Center at Gate S. They will take you back to your car or to the camp.




Alright sometimes you might need a wheelchair if you need to. Don’t worry they do have a few wheelchairs available. Just note that you will have to sign an agreement and put a credit card number on file in case something happens to wheelchair. Whether that be if getting damaged, unusable, or going missing. They should need to take a deposit on it. This may change in the future. They do have a limited number of wheelchairs available though. In 2018 they only had 7 and it is a first come, first serve basis. Plan ahead.


Viewing platforms are amazing.


Yes, you can stay a part of the crowd and enjoy your time how you please. But they do have viewing platforms just for people with ADA wristbands. These platforms are 3 feet off the ground and at almost every stage (In 2018, StereoBloom was the only stage without it). They have fold out chairs that are already set up there as well. That way if you don’t have or need a wheelchair you can still sit when you need to. Each one has the entrance as a ramp to make it easier on people to get up there.


Another great thing is that the staff usually have bottled water that they can give you for free. This way you don’t have to leave the platform to find a water refill station. Which can be a hassle.


I will not lie. These platforms have great views. But some can be hard to get to. I did notice that CircuitGrounds and BassPod were pretty difficult to get to during larger artists. Just because those areas were packed and people don’t tend to look behind them.


Lastly, there are bathrooms just for ADA.


There are a few stages like KineticFields and ComicMeadows that have ADA only bathrooms right by the viewing platform. It is a porta-pottie, but they are the larger ones and usually are kept fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If you are wondering it is a great plus because most bathrooms go out of toilet paper quickly and don’t get restocked.


You also have the advantage of them being a bit cleaner than a regular one would be. That is because only ADA wristbands are allowed. And yes they truly check to make sure you have an ADA wristband.


Quick Note: If you get an ADA wristband you can have 1 companion with you that gets a wristband as well. The only difference is the color of the band. ADA people got green in 2018, while their companions had blue. This is to help security and Access Staff know whether you are a companion or the one that gets priority.


That’s basically it so let’s recap!


  • ADA parking is close to Gate S which is where the Access Center is.
  • Shorter line to get into EDC instead of having to wait with everyone else.
  • Shuttles to and from the access center(s) and parking when requested.
  • Wheelchairs if needed, but there is a limited amount available.
  • Viewing platforms are actually very nice to have.
  • Special bathrooms that tend to be fully stocked.


How do I get the ADA wristband?


Now if you do need an ADA wristband they need you to contact them to let them know


First check out their Accessibility page that I have linked for you. If you have any questions or have decided to go then contact them on this page here. Let them know what you will need and of course all the questions you have.


If they have not responded or you are worried that it has not gone through correctly you can also email them at access@insomniac.com.


Well I hope that helped! If you would like to check out more then..


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EDC wants to make sure that everyone can have a great time at The Electric Daisy Carnival. That includes ADA guests. Check out what EDC can offer you at momwhoraves.com. #EDC #electricdaisycarnival #rave #festivalseason #ada

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