What Can ADA do for You at Camp EDC?

ADA camping can be hard, but let Camp EDC help you! Check out all the perks of being ADA and camping at EDC at momwhoraves.com. #EDC #EDCLV2018 #Rave #ADA #festivalseason #ADAcamping #ADAatfestivals

Camp EDC is wonderful, but if you have a disability or are injured or pregnant it isn’t as easy to get around. There are many sections for tents and RVs, but they can be pretty far from the Mesa and everything you will need to get to. That is where the ADA camp section comes into play.


At camp, they want to make sure everyone can have the best experience possible. That means even if you have a harder time getting around they want you to have a good time.


Whether you are on crutches, in a wheelchair, pregnant, or something else that may make things harder on you the ADA access center has you covered.


What can Ada do for you at Camp EDC?

Closer parking to tents


When you are being parked in the beginning you actually get to park very close to the tents. It also lets you be close to the front row of parking which even has porta-potties if needed before moving into your new home.


Rides to and from car


Once you have been parked there are ADA staff members there to take you and your belongings to your tent. They show you right to your tent and it takes the guessing out of finding your tent number.


Another good thing is that you don’t need to make multiple trips to and from your car to your tent. Most of the carts that they use in the beginning are pretty big and should be able to fit all of the things you need. Sometimes you just need to take one trip from your car to your tent and you are done.


Closer to the Mesa


The tents that you will be assigned are really close to the Mesa. If you need a tent with wheelchair access you actually get to be exactly the front row by the access center and entrance to the Mesa.


This makes life much easier to get to everything you will need. That includes close access to all of the pool parties, the main tents with activities, and the bathrooms. You are even closer to the general shop and food tents. This way you can get to what you need without using all of your energy to get there first.


Rides to and from EDC


There is a pathway leading to EDC, but that is for the people without ADA wristbands. So basically for everyone else. Where they have to wait in lines to get into EDC.


Not for you. Just go to the access center and ask for a ride to EDC. They will take you in a golf cart to the other access center entrance. That means Gate S.


Once you get there all you have to do is a quick security check and swipe your EDC wristband and you are in. No lines to wait in. Not much of a hassle at all. Plus, less walking and work for you to get there.


Special ADA bathrooms and showers


This was the best part. You have access to ADA only bathrooms and showers. You will have to ask one to the designated workers to unlock the bathrooms for you, but they are always around.


The reason it is the best part is that only the few ADA campers get to use them. That means no lines. Not nearly as gross as the other bathrooms get. And you have a complete bathroom in each unit they have. No need to go to the bathroom and get out to go take a shower. It is in the same unit all for you.


The showers have plenty of handles and it feels much more private than the other showers do. Plus, you don’t have to feel rushed because there aren’t many people who can use it anyways.


Another great thing is that they are always stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels to dry your hands. You feel much better using these bathrooms because they seem like a normal bathroom and not empty of all the things you need.


So how do you get the ADA wristband?


Once you purchase your Camp EDC option. Whether that be the tents or RVs. Go to the EDC website and head to the Camp EDC Guidelines page. Scroll down to the Accessible Camping header and there you have it. There should be a form to fill out. I will post 2018’s form for you to get the gist of it and update the link as soon as 2019 comes around.



It is just a few basic questions for you to answer and it is best to let them know what you need in the “How else can we assist you?” part.


From there it is a waiting game for them to respond back to you. Once, they get everything sorted out they will let you know what they can and can’t help you with. Most of the time they can help you with basically everything you need.


Just make sure you fill out the form as soon as you can. If you have any other questions for them you can email them at access@insomniac.com.




Having the ADA wristband you get:

  • Closer tents to Mesa
  • Closer parking to the tents
  • Rides to and from car
  • Rides to and from EDC
  • And just make sure to fill out the form beforehand!


There you have it. The ADA wristband makes camping so much easier.


I personally used it in 2018 because I was 6 months pregnant and having a harder time getting around. It was the best experience I could have asked for because it made life so much easier at Camp EDC and EDC as well.


Those bathrooms are my best friend and I will be sad that I can’t use them next year. But if you are in need of them then I highly suggest seeing if you can get an ADA wristband. If you do get a wristband then make sure to make use of these bathrooms and the rides to and from cars and EDC. It is all worth it.


No need to make life harder on yourself when you have the opportunity to make it easier.


Want to check out more? Then keep reading:


ADA camping can be hard, but let Camp EDC help you! Check out all the perks of being ADA and camping at EDC at momwhoraves.com. #EDC #EDCLV2018 #Rave #ADA #festivalseason #ADAcamping #ADAatfestivals

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