Top 5 Things You Should Know About the 2nd-Trimester

You managed to pass the 1st Trimester, but you are only 1/3 done with pregnancy. Find out what to expect next at #pregnancy #2ndtrimester #motherhood #needtoknow

Yay! You have made it past the 1st trimester and have moved into the 2nd trimester. This is the calm before the storm as they say. Supposed to be the best of the 3 trimesters as well.


But is it all butterflies and kittens? Not exactly.


The 2nd trimester may be the best of the 3 trimesters, but it has its own issues as well. Sadly everyone thinks this trimester is super easy and everything will be sunshine. I found it not to be easy at all.


You will have a whole different set of things going on during this trimester. It may not be as fatigued as the 1st or 3rd. It may not be as painful either. But it still has things going on.


So, what are the top 5 things you should know about the 2nd-trimester?


Not all symptoms stop


Many pregnancies end up with morning sickness, but during the 2nd trimester, they are supposed to stop. Sadly, there are people who have it throughout the entire pregnancy. This is called hyperemesis gravidarum which is the medical term for severe morning sickness.


Then, there is fatigue. Yup, for some of us this may not fully go away. It may just lighten up a bit though or come and go. Just know that it all doesn’t instantly go away when you hit the 2nd trimester.


Your body will start to shift


Yeah, it sounds weird, but it is true. Your body will start to shift into place for birthing. That means your hips will start to widen and you will feel it. Your organs will also start pushing upward to your ribs to make room for your expanding uterus.


It may hurt randomly while it moves so be prepared to experience it at any time of the day. Sadly, these don’t go away quickly and may leave you stopping in place to wait it out.


Don’t be alarmed because it is normal for your body to shift in order to be able to make room for baby and to give birth.


You will feel pretty Blah for being stuck in the middle


Didn’t expect this did you? Well, most people don’t realize it until they reach the 2nd trimester, but being stuck in the middle is hard. You are no longer in the beginning, but you are not at the end either. It may start to annoy you because everyone seems to be in front of you or behind you.


Overcoming the hardships you may have had in the beginning ends up making you feel as though you are no longer progressing. When in fact you still are, but it is supposed to be easier with fewer symptoms. Just seems to be harder on you mentally.


Don’t forget that your emotions are still on a roller coaster. Basically, this trimester is all about the emotions and your body starting to shift.


You will be impatient to feel the baby move, but once baby starts kicking harder you will miss the smaller movements.


That’s right. You will be waiting and hoping to feel baby kick once you enter the 2nd trimester. This is the best part of it all, baby’s first movements. The anticipation makes it all worth the wait, but not for long.


Yes, we love feeling the baby move and we need to make sure baby is moving every day, but the baby gets stronger by the day. That means those kicks will get much harder and can be painful at times when the baby kicks your ribs.


Another thing is that baby’s movements will feel much like an Alien growing in your tummy. Those movements all over your tummy will make for a strange feeling and even more so because you can’t control it. The kicking and movement may even keep you awake at night or make you nauseous after eating. Usually, around the end of the 2nd trimester, you will wish baby would fall asleep more often or calm down on the kicking.


You will wonder when you will start to show and then once it does it gets in the way.


Being in the middle of the 2 other trimesters can be hard on you mentally. You will feel that you haven’t made progress from the 1st trimester at the beginning of your 2nd because you won’t exactly look pregnant. Yup, that baby bump hasn’t come in yet until later in the 2nd trimester.


This is different for everyone, but for the first pregnancy, it shouldn’t have come in yet. But any pregnancy after the first usually comes in a lot quicker.


Sometimes your baby bump will start showing around 5 months pregnant, but it won’t usually be too noticeable until 6 or 7 months. This is when it starts to get in the way. You will notice that you bump into things you normally wouldn’t and it feels very strange.


Even though you are used to hearing and seeing how big pregnancy bellies can get, it is strange when it is your own. You will need to learn to basically stick your butt out when you need to wash your, cook, or be close to any counter. It feels very awkward to do.


Let’s recap


  1. You will feel blah for being stuck in the middle.
  2. Not all symptoms stop.
  3. Your body will start shifting and it can hurt randomly.
  4. You will be impatient to feel the baby move, but once you do and it starts getting stronger you will miss not feeling baby moving so much.
  5. In the beginning weeks, you will wonder when baby starts showing, but towards the later weeks, you grow plenty enough to show and for it to get in the way.


The 2nd trimester is a great feeling because you finally passed the 1st trimester, but it isn’t always easy either. Being in the middle can just be mentally draining and exhausting. Some of your symptoms from the 1st trimester may go away and some may not, but you have a whole new set of things going on. That means feeling the baby kick and move around a lot during growth.


Soon enough you will make it to the 3rd trimester. If you want to find out more about pregnancy then…


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Your Turn


What do you wish you knew about the 2nd trimester? Did/ do you enjoy feeling baby kick even when it gets harder? What about your symptoms, did they go away?

You managed to pass the 1st Trimester, but you are only 1/3 done with pregnancy. Find out what to expect next at #pregnancy #2ndtrimester #motherhood #needtoknow
You managed to pass the 1st Trimester, but you are only 1/3 done with pregnancy. Find out what to expect next at #pregnancy #2ndtrimester #motherhood #needtoknow
You managed to pass the 1st Trimester, but you are only 1/3 done with pregnancy. Find out what to expect next at #pregnancy #2ndtrimester #motherhood #needtoknow

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