Top 5 Things You Should Know About the 1st Trimester

The top things I truly wish I knew before becoming pregnant. Check out the list of the top 5 for the 1st trimester of pregnancy at #pregnancy #motherhood #1sttrimester #top5 #wishiknew #FTM

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. People will open up to you and tell you all about their experiences or just what they have learned. For better or worse. But sometimes you aren’t told about things that you wish you were. Or you were told that things would be a lot easier than it really is. So, let’s look at the top 5 things I wish I would have know about the 1st trimester.


I know that pregnancy is different for every person. And every pregnancy is different as well. But there usually are common things that people hear about and experience. Overtime I have heard about many things that happen during pregnancy. And I have been around many pregnant family members and friends. But it seems as though everyone I was around had an easier than average pregnancy.


Me, on the other hand, not so much. My doctors have even told me how badly they have felt for me because of how horrible some of my symptoms became. Let alone I had most symptoms you could have. Especially during the 1st trimester.


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Let’s get to what I really wish I knew about the 1st trimester.


Top 5 Things You Should Know About the 1st Trimester


Morning sickness is no laughing matter.


Some women may not experience morning sickness at all. The rest of us most likely will. It is not a fun thing at all. Not everyone has it bad though. Some cases are minimal and others a bit more painful.


Morning sickness definitly does not just happen in the morning. It can happen at any time of the day and anywhere. It also can combine with motion sickness and make life much harder.


Personally, I had it bad. Motion sickness and morning sickness combined. Being in a car left me nauseous. Making it home or where ever I was going was difficult. It would also make it so I threw up every time I made it to where I had to go. Just being at home all day would still be hard. I would be tied to the bathroom all day. Sometimes it was about 7 times a day that I could not leave that bathroom. This would cause me not to eat because I wished it would stop me from throwing up more.


You may lose weight.


I was losing weight because I just kept throwing up. It happens to others as well. If you have morning sickness it may be worse than if you didn’t, but you will still probably lose weight. Reason being that food can stop looking appetizing to you. Or you just don’t feel hungry.


Yes, you should still try to eat a little even if you don’t feel hungry. But if anything just drinks a lot of water and you will be fine. Don’t worry too much if you aren’t eating a lot in the beginning. If you are concerned then just ask your doctor.


Fatigue comes in many forms.


Physical fatigue can be common in the beginning since you are starting to grow a new life. It can leave you exhausted. There may be times when you feel you can’t even get out of bed all day. Or times when you will try to stay awake and usually could, but you actually pass out. You might not even be aware of when you pass out either.


Some people actually fall asleep in random places even. It could be a church, in the car, while reading a book, at work, etc., so be careful. If you are falling asleep randomly then do not drive or operate heavy machinery because it is dangerous.


Mental fatigue is not uncommon either. Many times you may feel drained of all mental capacity. You may even start getting what is known as “Baby Brain” where you forget a lot of things often. Usually it will happen towards the end of the 1st trimester, but everyone is different.


If you are still going to school and have finals during this time it may be difficult to concentrate on the test problems and studying.


Hormones can quickly get out of control.


People will tell you how unpredictable women can be, especially pregnant women. They are not wrong when it comes to pregnancy. You may be able to control mood swings and attitudes before pregnancy, but hormones can get you. It becomes so hard to stop yourself from crying over the smallest of things at times.


No matter if you are hungry, thirsty, don’t like a certain smell, etc., you may become emotional over it. Or it will trigger emotions that you can hold until something else happens and then you can’t hold them anymore. Those tears will fall. Other people may feel that it is silly, but it is what it is. Things become important enough to cry over when you are pregnant.


Doctors visits will feel like they have truly invaded your personal space.


Once you become pregnant you basically don’t have a personal bubbly surrounding you. The further along you are the worse it will become too. But in the beginning, it will be the doctor visits that get you.


You will probably feel very uncomfortable for a while. Around 8 weeks they are to do 2 types of ultrasounds. The one everyone is used to seeing which is the normal ultrasound done on the belly. And a transvaginal ultrasound.


The last one is not so pleasant but needs to be done for dating baby. You will probably feel pretty violated and uncomfortable. I truly wish I knew about this before going to my first doctor’s appointment for my very first pregnancy.


The Transvaginal Ultrasound doesn’t happen much after that, but during other trimesters you will have different things that make you uncomfortable as well.


Let’s Recap


The top 5 things I truly wish I knew before getting pregnant:


  1. Morning sickness is no joke.
  2. You are bound to lose weight with or without morning sickness.
  3. Fatigue comes in many forms.
  4. Hormones can seriously go out of control no matter how hard you try.
  5. Doctors visits will feel very invading of your personal space.


There you have it! I know that many times people will tell you a bunch of things, but make sure to get both sides of the story. If you only hear of the easier symptoms and pregnancies then you won’t be prepared if you yourself get a harder pregnancy.


Try to stay well informed, but don’t scare yourself out of having a child! Pregnancy is well worth it and you will soon know the unconditional love from a child who depends on you.


Hope this helps you out! If you want to keep reading more then check out these articles:



Now it’s your turn!


What were the things you wish you would have known about your 1st trimester of pregnancy? Have your pregnancy(s) been on the easier side or have they been much more difficult? Is there any topic you would like to be covered?

The top things I truly wish I knew before becoming pregnant. Check out the list of the top 5 for the 1st trimester of pregnancy at #pregnancy #motherhood #1sttrimester #top5 #wishiknew #FTM
The top things I truly wish I knew before becoming pregnant. Check out the list of the top 5 for the 1st trimester of pregnancy at #pregnancy #motherhood #1sttrimester #top5 #wishiknew #FTM
The top things I truly wish I knew before becoming pregnant. Check out the list of the top 5 for the 1st trimester of pregnancy at #pregnancy #motherhood #1sttrimester #top5 #wishiknew #FTM

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