Teami Greens Review – A Superfood Supplement

Many times we don’t get enough vitamins in a day and being a busy mom on the go makes it harder to keep track of getting the right amount of vitamins. There are pills out there that are vitamin specific, but that would mean you would have to take many pills every day. But there is a better way, one drink a day of Teami Greens. That is why I decided to create a Teami Greens review.

A quick way to get what you need without the hassle of tracking everything you eat or taking tons of pills every day. Perfect for those on the go and busy moms who are already juggling everything on their plate.

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What Is Teami Greens?

Teami Greens is a superfood powder that is meant to make it easier for more people to get their daily intake of vegetable nutrients. It helps promote natural energy levels, helps your digestion become more regular, and help your overall well-being.

So What Is Great About Teami Greens?

When it comes to Teami Greens there are many benefits, from the serving size to the ingredients, the vitamins to the packaging, and more. It is a super simple way to get what your body needs in a drink instead of pills.

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One Scoop = 80% of Your Daily Vitamins

My favorite part about Teami Greens is that you get 80% of your daily vegetable vitamins in just one scoop of the powder. Which saves time on trying to figure out what vegetables your body needs. 

It also makes it easier to remember since you only need to have one scoop a day instead of all of the pills you would need for the same vitamins.

The reason it is only 80% is that you get vitamins from the food you eat and having too much of a vitamin doesn’t do you any good. Which leaves you with 20% left of vegetable vitamins that you can easily eat on a daily basis.

All Natural Ingredients

Yet another amazing thing is that all of the ingredients are natural. There are 16 ingredients and all of them are natural and superfoods. The main three ingredients to pay attention to are Matcha, Wheatgrass, and Spirulina.

None of the ingredients are genetically modified so you don’t have worry because Teami Greens are Non-GMO. There are also no artificial flavors, no fillers or additives, no artificial coloring, and no chemical preservatives. 

100% Vegan

That is right Teami Greens are 100% vegan. It is dairy-free, soy-free, and even gluten-free for those of us who are allergic or prefer to have only plant-based foods.

No Wasteful Packaging

I honestly hate having supplement powders like protein powder come in a container that is huge, but only half full. It is super wasteful.

This is why I am so happy that with these Greens the container is not wasteful at all. It is a smaller container that is truly full. And full of such good nutrients.


I love it when you get plant-based caffeine from a drink that is actually good for you. And I am happy that I don’t have to have coffee to get caffeine in the morning because frankly, I can’t drink coffee. I know I am one of those strange people, but that is for another day.

Plus for a mom getting caffeine early in the mornings it pretty much mandatory for getting through the day.

*Don’t forget that when you head over to Teami to use code STEPHANY278 at checkout for $15 off your first order over $50!

Any Downsides?

Now as much as I love my Teami Greens I want you to be aware of some downsides that I have found. They really aren’t bad compared to all of the benefits you get from it. And they might not even be downsides for you at all.

Flavor Is Very Earthy

As much as the flavor comes from all of the superfoods in the powder the main taste is matcha. So if you are not a fan of matcha you might not like the taste as much.

I do know from experience that if you don’t like the flavor if you keep drinking it anyway over time you will grow to either like it or not mind it.

Though there are other ways to make the taste better by changing what you put the powder into. 

Very Fine, But Creamy Powder

I not going to lie, every time I open my Teami Greens container I have to do it very carefully because I hate messes and any bit of wind will make it go everywhere. It is a very fine powder. 

Any time it is jostled around it will kick up the powder on top into the air. This means when you first get the powder you may lose some of it because of trying to find the scoop inside. I suggest using a long spoon to find it.

Oddly enough the powder even though it is very fine is extremely creamy. So say you get powder on your hands, you will have to wash it off because if you try to dust it off it just smears and spreads into your skin or other surfaces.

And that is all of the bad things I have found about these Greens and the benefits by far outweigh these. So I do highly suggest it especially if you are wanting to start getting healthier or want to stop taking a ton of supplement pills.

Ways To Drink Teami Greens

Teami Greens can actually be taken in many different ways. You can put it in your water, mix it with juice, add it to a smoothie, or even put it in your oatmeal.

Just note that you will be having a matcha flavor from it so mix it with something that goes well with earthy flavoring.

A great way to have it is actually as a matcha latte. Frothing milk and adding in the scoop of Greens make a very tasty matcha latte.

If you don’t know how to froth milk there is this great milk frother that Teami actually has that can froth milk in just 20-30 seconds. It is super simple by just turning it on and holding it in the milk for 20-30 seconds and you are all set.

The Matcha Milk Frother is compact and fits in any utensil drawer. Or you can take it with you to froth teas or any milk including any nut milk and soy milk as well.

And there you have it! My purely honest Teami Greens review and I hope you head over to their website to check it out because your body will surely love you for it!

Don’t forget head over to Teami and use the code: STEPHANY278 at checkout to get $15 off your first order over $50!

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