Pregnant at The Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC Vegas is such a wonderful event and missing it would be a shame. But how do you go to while pregnant? #edcvegas #pregnant #festivalseason

Planned to go to EDC Vegas, bought your tickets and pumped yourself up for months, then a sudden surprise happened? Yup, we are talking about that positive pregnancy test! Lovely little blessings I say. But what do you do if you are pregnant at the Electric Daisy Carnival?

I was in that exact same boat!

My loving boyfriend and I bought our tickets at the beginning of ticket sales. On Christmas eve we found out a baby was on the way. We had no clue what to do! We really wanted to go, but we were so worried about the baby and if I could make it through all three days while still having a good time. Every month we would debate what to do about the tickets, whether to sell them or to just go for it.

We searched through the internet and yet people were so limited on what they would share. Mostly I ended up with people saying such bad things to pregnant women asking about going while pregnant. I mean I understand there can be dangers, but everything has dangers. What I really wanted to hear was about ladies that had gone to EDC while pregnant.

I wanted to know their experiences, not people who have never gone to EDC pregnant or never was with a friend who was pregnant during EDC that just wanted to give their judgment.

Reddit had a few (very few) threads that helped me out though of course there were rude comments that you would have to sift through, but some useful knowledge. Also, I learned from a few family friends who have gone while pregnant a few tips about going while pregnant. Honestly, it is hard to come by good advice for going to a rave, let alone EDC. If you are new to the scene then it makes it even harder to get good advice.

Don't be scared to go if you are pregnant. It actually happens more often then you think. #lifeofaura #edcvegas #pregnancy #festivalseason

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First things first: Buying the ticket.

So, for most people, we try to go with the cheaper priced ticket because we want the experience the festival, but on a budget. This is what we had already bought and we didn’t know what to do because it would be best for VIP tickets instead. The reason that it is best for VIP tickets is the bathrooms. Easier access to bathrooms is needed when pregnant.

Thankfully, we found out that if we called EDC and told them that I was pregnant we could be upgraded to VIP for free. All we would have to do is go to the Access Center once we checked in with the general tickets and talk to them to have the ticket changed.

Do not ask the front gate because they will not have them, only the access center has them.
This should make it much easier on you while being pregnant because you get access to special perks like easy access bathrooms and the viewing platform where there are seats.

Cool thing is that you can have one companion pass so they are upgraded with you. Your chosen companion will get to be with you on the viewing platform as well, but if there aren’t enough seats for the people who need them then they would have to stand.

Once in EDC Vegas

Now is the time to have fun, but be careful. EDC Vegas is known to have 400,000+ people in attendance, so that means crowds.

Go see the artists you want to see, but the rule of thumb is to stay towards the back or use the viewing platform. I understand that you want to be a part of all the action and you can! Just at a safe distance from mosh-pits and the biggest and most packed section of the crowd.

The speakers will be loud enough!

You are already going to want earplugs and if you need earplugs then think about the baby. Babies hear what we hear, but it is like covering your ears. This means that if you need earplugs, then the baby is also going to hear very loud noises. Standing towards the back of the crowd means you are further from the speakers and that means less chance of hurting the baby’s ears.

Since we are talking about hearing and earplugs I recommend the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs. They are amazing with sound quality and protection. They basically sound like all you have done was turn the volume down and protect your ears. The hear the music just as it is supposed to be heard.

Another thing about staying back from the crowd is the bathrooms!

So many times you will need to go to the bathroom, that is just pregnancy at its finest.

Do NOT try to hold your bladder for long!

This could cause an infection and trust me you do not want to add a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) to the list of uncomfortable things during EDC. These are not fun at all and you want to enjoy yourself, not feel a burning sensation every time you need to go to the bathroom.

Alright, so you need to go to the bathroom often, but you are up front and there are so many people. Now you are going to have to weave your way through the crowd. Not really an easy task because people are tightly packed. They are in the zone and could be on drugs or have been drinking. Plus, who wants to say “excuse me” that many times?

We all are there to have a good time, so staying towards the back will not only make it easier on you but also less distracting for others.

What causes bathroom breaks? WATER!

Water will become your best friend if it isn’t already! You need to stay hydrated.

I cannot emphasize this enough.


Las Vegas is hot. Yes, they have changed the date to a month earlier for EDC Vegas 2018 due to previous heat hitting close to 120°F. But 90ºF and then all the bodies dancing and sweating, the lighting, the heat from all the electronics and food trucks all around you will make it hotter. Plus, you have baby’s heat that will add to your temperature. And who knows maybe you will feel up to dancing and your temperature still goes up.

That being said, you will go through a lot of water. It may be sweated out or used and make you have to go to the bathroom. Either way, fluids are important. By that, I do mainly mean water because things like soda (or pop, coke, soda pop, however you say it) will dehydrate you. Not saying that you can’t have these, but just make sure to drink water most of all.

I found it best to have a water pack, that way I could carry things and still be able to have my hands free. Vibedration is my most loved brand of water packs. I love these water packs because they have such amazing designs and if you are going to raves or anywhere and you want to have fun, they have the perfect designs. Honestly, we got ones that would match our outfits like the Galactic Vibedration pack and the Holographic pack, which is shown below.

Go with a friend who is sober.

Another thing I highly suggest is to have someone who is going with you that will not be drinking alcohol. It will make it a lot safer for both of you.

They will be selling alcohol to people 21+ (with ID). This does not mean you should be drinking because remember you are pregnant or maybe it is your friend that is pregnant, either way, don’t drink while you are pregnant. A reason why I highly suggest that you and someone else aren’t drinking is that it reduces the risk of being drugged by a stranger.

Keep all bottles sealed or covered and insight at ALL times.

Yes, EDC has a no drug policy, but it happens still. A lot of people who go to raves or love EDM are such great people and look out for everyone, but it still happens. People have changed, times have changed, but it should always be a precaution that everyone should take.

Whether at a bar, a club, a party, a festival, etc. you do not want to end up having someone putting something in your drink like that girl whose post went viral for a guy dropping a pill in her drink while she wasn’t looking. We never know who may tamper with our drinks.

Being pregnant, you should definitely be aware of what is going into your body because it goes to the baby as well. We don’t want to harm baby with an unknown substance, this also means stay away from drugs that people offer you. Say no to Molly, Ecstasy, etc. these substances have an unknown effect on baby due to almost no research on them for pregnancy.

When in doubt about if something will harm the baby, just say no. That also means Ibuprofen and Advil. Tylenol is okay for most women and is the #1 recommended medication doctors tell women they can take during pregnancy.

I promise that you can enjoy EDC sober!

Do not go on carnival rides.

During pregnancy, we are not supposed to go on roller coasters and rides that will move abruptly, jerk around, go too fast, knock the wind out of us, or give us a tummy-turning feeling. If anything, you could still go on the Ferris wheels to see all of EDC, but I would still suggest not. The reason being is that all of the rides are put up and taken down a lot to be moved from town fairs to festivals, etc. This means that they wear and tear each time they are being put up and taken down. Even though the rides may look fun and your friends may go on them, I wouldn’t trust them enough to go on while carrying a baby.

Hungry, hungry me!

Food is your friend (most of the time after morning sickness is gone) when you are pregnant. During the three days of EDC Vegas, you are going to burn a ton of calories walking around in that heat. Good thing is that they have food trucks and places to get food. You are going to want to eat and eat again later.

Find the food that looks and smells appetizing because our sense of smell is heightened and if something smells bad we won’t want to eat it. I would stay away from dairy products. The thing with most dairy products is that if you get too hot it may feel as though it is curdling in your stomach and make you sick.

Eat smaller portions throughout the day. If you eat large meals then you make get nauseous or feel like you have a food coma and can’t go on with the fun. If you feel that you just need something smaller and lighter maybe go with a smoothie for a snack that has lots of good fruits and/or veggies. Overall, I suggest going with lighter meals.

Always know where the medical tents are!

If you are feeling sick or in any pain, go to the medical tent. These people are wonderful and are there to look out for your health. They do walk around and feel free to stop them if you need help or have a question. Whether you are pregnant or not know that they are there to take care of you, not get you in trouble. If you see someone else that looks like they need help please tell the medical staff. It is better to be safe than sorry for everyone’s health and safety.

Back to being pregnant, if you feel worried about anything going on with your body talk to the medical staff. They may have you sit down and cool off because you may be overheated or maybe you need to eat more or drink more water. They are there to help you with it all. When in doubt about anything I would just go ask them. I prefer to check on my health and wellbeing so that baby can stay healthy as well.

For me, I needed to have some resting times and if you go to EDC Vegas and stay at a hotel you can only get into EDC once per day. There is no re-entry. In 2018, EDC Vegas decided to have a new addition, Camp EDC.

Don't be scared to go if you are pregnant. It actually happens more often then you think. #lifeofaura #edcvegas #pregnancy #festivalseason

Camp EDC!!!

I am so excited about this because my feet always get tired and the best part about camping at Camp EDC is that you can re-enter EDC festival grounds! That means you can go back to your tent or RV at EDC when you get tired for a nice relaxing time and then go back and join in the fun once again.

If you want all the details about Camp EDC, I wrote an entire article about it and you can check it out. The quick rundown about Camp EDC is that there are many amenities and activities that are only available to the campers. Check-in is as early as Thursday night and you can stay until the daytime on Monday. The reason they did this was so that they could control the traffic going in and out of EDC and make it a bit easier for everyone and the locals. Camp EDC has a different entrance into EDC that allows them to go in and out when they please during festival hours. Another cool thing about Camp EDC is that there are some extra performances at the camp center that only the campers can go to.

Camp EDC or a hotel?

I personally would say go to Camp EDC if you can because it will make more sense for a pregnant woman because you can go in and out of EDC when you need to for breaks. They have air-conditioned tents or you can bring your own RV. There are bathrooms and showers all around the camp along with another medical tent. Food trucks and merchandise stores are there as well.

I feel that all of these amenities will be easier to access because there will be fewer people at Camp EDC due to the limited amount of spaces. Some of the activities I am looking forward to while camping is yoga, Kandi making, the body art section, and much more.

If you are going with others, then this may be a great option for all of you as well because you can go back to the tent or RV while they continue experiencing EDC. Once you feel up for the fun again, you can rejoin your group (be prepared by saying when and where you will be somewhere before leaving the group).

Final takeaways:

Call about upgrading your general ticket to VIP

Be prepared and as educated as possible before going. From knowing the maps of EDC, where the medical tents are, where the water refill stations are, etc.

Stay towards the back of the crowds or be on the viewing platforms.

Wear earplugs.

Don’t hold your bladder for too long.

Drink a lot of water! Please stay hydrated.

Eat food, but in smaller portions and maybe lighter meals.

Don’t go on carnival rides.

Go to the medical tents whenever you feel sick or are worried.

Don’t be afraid to talk to the medical staff.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Keep a close eye on all of your drinks.

Don’t do drugs.

Don’t push your body too far. Take breaks when you need them.

Decide what will be better for you: booking a hotel or camping at Camp EDC.

I will be going to EDC Vegas 2018 and yes I am going pregnant! If you are in the same boat, you are not alone because you can come hang out with me. Comment below if you are going to EDC, if you may be going pregnant, or if you have anything else to add to this list.

Again, I tried to put in as much detail as possible for you all and I might have missed something. Let me know if you have any questions or feel I have left something important out.

I look forward to seeing everyone at EDC Las Vegas 2018 and hopefully more to come! Enjoy your time guys and stay safe!

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Don't be scared to go if you are pregnant. It actually happens more often then you think. #lifeofaura #edcvegas #pregnancy #festivalseason

22 responses

  1. sandra

    Thank you for all the info on your blog! I’m also pregnant and will be attending next weekend! Which number did you end up calling for the upgrade? I’ve been trying to submit an inquiry on the website, but it would never successfully submit.
    Hope to meet up with you!

    1. Hello there,

      I am happy that you found the information useful and I hope to see you there as well! Right now they have everything being pushed to email instead of the calling because of how close it is. Email and they will let you know that technically they don’t consider pregnancy as a disability, but they will work with you because they want what is best for you. They will also tell you that after you get into EDC to go to the Access Center so that they can offer their services. No medical documentation or doctors note required. For some reason their ADA form has been acting up lately, but that okay. Just make sure to email them to let them know ahead of time just so that they are aware.

      Can’t wait to meet you there! I will probably be on the viewing platforms so that I can sit, but you can look for me! I will be wearing a hologram water pack with a giant Alice in Wonderland perler piece on it.

      Good luck! And let me know if you have anymore questions.

    2. Naomi

      Hi! Thanks for all the helpful tips! How did you find the number to insomniac? And how was your experience last year?

      1. Hi there Naomi!

        If you are wanting to contact them about something that would fall into the ADA category they prefer to be emailed at Now for my experience last year, it was amazing, I had no problems what so ever, and the ADA platforms were very helpful when it came to enjoying music without being too crowded as well. I hope to see you there this year if you do go!

        With love,

        1. Naomi

          Yes, hopefully I’ll see you there this year! How long does it take for them to usually respond after emailing them?

          1. They didn’t take too long to respond to mine, in just a couple days. It should be less than a week, but it depends on how many emails they may be getting at that time.

  2. Sarah

    hello! I found this to be very informal since I am also pregnant! However it was more tough on me since ill be 7 months soon, I just wanted to know if it was also difficult for you as well cause of the pregnancy? I may have seen you, but I was quite nervous and shy to say hello! But I am glad I wasnt the only one who went with a little bun in the oven. 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah!

      If you found this very informational then I am glad. I was 6 and a half months pregnant over EDC weekend. It was difficult as well for a few of us, so don’t worry you weren’t the only one! During the 3 days of EDC, I met lovely ladies that were 5 months, 5 and 1/2 months, and even 8 months pregnant. Yup, she could have gone into labor at any time, but EDC was where she wanted to be. I give her mad props for that!

      It is harder to go the further along you are, but thankfully not impossible. Basically, it is about knowing the layout EDC; where the bathrooms, stages, platforms, water stations, food that you sound good to you to eat, and the medical tents are. Personally, I found it hard at times due to the locations of the ADA platforms being so hard to get to when the stages got packed. But most people were happy to let us through once they noticed us.

      I wish you would have said hello! But I truly understand because I am pretty shy myself most of the time. I hope you could feel baby dancing at some point! It was my favorite thing to know that my baby girl was having a great time! I hope you still enjoyed yourself as well, even though you may have had a more difficult time than most of the attendees at EDC.

      Maybe next time we can meet!

  3. Elle

    Hi, I’m going to local event while 7 months pregnant. How did you deal with cigarette smoke? I know there will be the smell everywhere. How did you stand the smell?

    1. First off, congratulations on your dear baby. Second, that is a good question. Honestly, I tried to notice when people were smoking and avoid that area, but you can’t always do that. I even had people decided to smoke right in front of me with no care or concern. What I did was have a mask on to block the smell as much as I could. Usually, I find the cloth ones more comfortable than surgical masks since you would have to wear it for a while, but either one works. With the cotton ones, you can even get some fun ones to fit your event or your personality. Some of the smell comes through still, but it takes away a lot of it. You can also use a thicker scarf or a turtleneck that you can cover your nose with when being near smokers. Your nose is very sensitive during pregnancy and you may smell smoke from a mile away, it just helps you try to avoid it when possible. I truly hoped that helped! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      With love,

  4. Keaira

    I went this year and just found out I’m pregnant and already have tickets for next year !!! Reading this made me excited to go. I have no idea what I’m going to where. What did you wear ?

    1. How exciting! You will have a blast! I actually took 2 types of outfits for each day. The first outfit would be something I really loved and wanted to have fun with, basically some more typical EDC fashion. The second outfit was something super comfy because pregnancy is tiring and sometimes you need to just relax in soft warm clothing. Just know that since it is in May it does get colder at night. Pack something warm even if you think it will be a hot day. You never really know how your body will react. I hope to see you there though! Make use of those ADA platforms and bathrooms! Let me know if you have any more questions! I am happy to help.

      With love,

    2. Itstiffannyy

      I already bought my VIP ticket for next year too! And I just found out I’m going to be having baby #2. I’ll be about 8 months by then, but I really wanted to fo to edc one last time. I hope I see you and other mamas there!

      1. Kim

        Im going to be 8 months pregnant also but everyone is telling me not to go and im so upset bc i really want to and the lineup is so good!!

        1. Congratulations! I will say that if you want to go and you feel that your body can take it then go ahead. Well as long as your doctor doesn’t have you on bedrest or something along those lines to be worried about.

          Just don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do. There have been many mothers/mothers-to-be that went at 8 months pregnant. Hope to see you there if you decide to go!

  5. Melissa

    I will be going to edc pregnant this year. I have already bought my tickets and was trying to decide if I should resell them or still go. Now that I can ask for the vip I am definitely going to try and that will make me feel a lot better. I was so worried that I was not going to be able to get to the bathrooms easily! Thank you so much for all the info! Maybe I’ll see you there this year 😁

    1. That is great Melissa! Congratulations! You will be glad you went this year and it isn’t that hard to get to the bathrooms because everyone is super nice when they notice you are pregnant. I honestly was so happy that I went last year and I hope you enjoy your time this year! Plus Bill Nye is going and you just can’t miss that fun haha. See you there!

      With love,

  6. Ann

    Hi Aura,

    Firstly, i want to say that this is an awesome post. Because what happened to you is happening to me and my boyfriend. And we are here in australia with upcoming fest x that i really want to go, but still hesitating because i am not sure if it is safe for me and my baby. Your post really help out with lots of information.

    I also want to ask, if you don’t mind, that how many months were you in pregnancy when you go to edc18? Because mine will be exactly 3 months in december, and my tummy will be quite big. So i am just not really sure if it will do any harms to baby and me.

    Thank you in advance and hope you have a nice day!

    1. Hi Ann,

      I was 6 months pregnant when I went and I was quite big. There were a few ladies there that were 8 months pregnant as well. It did no harm to my child or any of the ladies I met. Just make sure you listen to your body and you will do fine. I am so glad that this helped you and if you have any other questions just let me know 😊.

  7. Emily

    Going to my first EDC next month and found out in January I am pregnant with my third child. Definitely a surprise. Due to sick leave not being an option due to Maternity leave needing taken in September, I won’t be able to push my tickets to 2022. What would you recommend wearing? Being my third, stretch marks are definitely a thing and crop tops are definitely a big no for me. I’ll be five months while attending.

    1. Hi Emily,

      First off, congratulations on baby #3! When I went for my first EDC I was 6 months pregnant and saw many other ladies in the same boat. My biggest suggestion is to wear what ever is comfortable to you. I went with tank tops, t-shirts, high-waisted shorts and pants, and some really comfortable shoes. I did try normal rave outfits, but I didn’t feel confident enough to rock it much. I do suggest bringing both warm and cold outfits, since EDC has been unpredictable in May and I don’t want you to get too cold or even have a heatstroke. Are you camping at EDC or traveling each day from a hotel?

  8. Hannah

    THANK YOU SOOOOO much Love I cannot express how much this has helped ease my worries! I bought mine for Orlando and found out a few mi this into the payment plan not sure what to do, wear etc, hope you’re well<3

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