Next Best Thing for Taking Walks With a Toddler

Spring is finally here and that means more time outside with your kids. Taking walks is always a good way to get exercise and just get outside with the kids, but having a toddler in a stroller isn’t always the easiest. Between 2 and 3 years old they start wanting to be more like the bigger kids they see around them and so sitting in the stroller isn’t something they want. They want to walk, roller skate, or ride bikes. Letting your kid walk is always good for them, but maybe not so much for your sanity due to the constant stopping. Then you have roller skating, not so likely is it going to work out well for you yet, so you go to tricycles. Tricycles are great, but what is better is one that you can push in the beginning and as they grow it does too and into a regular tricycle.

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Why a pushing tricycle will be better than a stroller for walks

When you have a baby you end up buying a stroller and for most of us it is a multi-stage stroller, from newborn to older toddler, and it is wonderful for a long time. You can take plenty of walks at your own pace when you are pushing a stroller and everything seems more in your control. As your child grows they start wanting to be more independent and just like you and so they want out of the stroller. Which means you have to start slowing your pace and stopping a lot at what they want to see.

By the time your toddler wants to walk around, push the stroller themselves, and then be like the bigger kids (whether you have older children or if it’s just kids passing by), you will need to upgrade them to something new. Something they can learn from and start to become just like the older kids. That is where a pushing tricycle comes into play.

The good thing about pushing tricycles is that they have stages so that your child can learn each part about a tricycle in a step-by-step process. Which gives them more time to learn each part before moving on instead of the way a normal tricycle makes them learn all at once and may frustrate them to the point of giving up.

Stages for a pushing tricycle

Pushing tricycles have multiple stages depending on the one you get, but for the most part they have these four stages. The good part if you get one with all four stages is that they can be used for kids from 1-5 years old.

Infant Stroller

With younger kids you can use the tricycle just like a stroller. There is a handle bar to push with, footrests for them, a good seat belt, and padded guardrail to make sure they don’t slide out the sides. Depending on which pushing tricycle you get there may also be an area for you to store things, an awning that folds, and the tricycle can fold a bit.

Steering Stroller

Once your child is ready for the next stage you can fold up (or take off) the footrests and let them reach the pedals (which can be locked). They can even start to steer the tricycle themselves, even while you are still pushing. This way they learn where their hands and feet go and get the idea of turning the tricycle. 

Learn-to-ride Tricycle

The next step to learning to ride is to take off the guardrail and unlock the pedals. This way they can start going on their own. You can still keep on the parent handle to push them until they are ready to go on their own.

Classic Tricycle

This is the last step and it is just taking off the parent handle and letting them ride their very own independent tricycle.

What a pushing tricycle does for your sanity

A pushing tricycle gives your child something new to focus on while taking walks. Many times when your child no longer wants to be in the stroller they will throw a huge temper tantrum and it will start getting on your nerves and make walking less fun to do. But by upgrading them to a pushing tricycle they can learn to ride their very own trike in steps and still go out on walks that you probably need to keep your sanity.

By them learning in steps it also keeps them from getting overly frustrated when they can do something right try after try.

Different pushing tricycles you can get

I personally have the Baby Joy Tricycle for Toddlers that is white and lilac, but the option is called pink. Just so you know it is not pink, but a softer purple like lilac and lavender. My daughter absolutely loves it, but has never needed the foam guard rail since she was 2 years old when she got it. I highly suggest getting one of these amazing learning tricycles for both your sanity and how happy your toddler can be learning a new skill.

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