June Must-See EDM Shows 2019

Its June, the beginning of summer and what better way to spend your new-found time than EDM shows. There are many great opportunities for June 2019 and I just can’t wait for them. Now there are definitely more than the ones I am going to mention, but these are the biggest ones I know of and highly suggest seeing. Let’s get to it.

June must-see EDM shows 2019

We are going to go by date at first, but if you just want to see by area then just scroll down.

6thSAYMYNAME at Academy LA

SAYMYNAME is a Los Angeles based DJ who is considered the father of HardTrap music. He has been influenced by many genres of music like hip-hop and that’s what shapes his music. You really wouldn’t want to miss his shows. He even performed and b2b with 4b for EDC 2019 and that was packed and rightfully so. Go check him out at Academy LA.

7th – Vini Vici in San Diego

8th Headhunterz at Exchange LA

A highly known Hardstyle DJ whose work is even in Skyrim. A true experience that will make you always want to go back to see him. If you have never heard of Hardstyle I would still check him out because he might be the one DJ to turn you to a lover of Hardstyle.

13th – Vini Vici in Orlando

If you missed him in San Diego or are in the Orlando then I would say see him or see him again. All up to you, but it is a great time everytime.

14thBenny Benassi at Exchange LA

15thSalvatore Ganacci at Academy LA

Salvatore Ganacci is an amazing DJ to see live because his energy and visuals are fun and energetic. You would be missing out on a great experience if you don’t go.

21st Nora En Pure at Exchange LA

21stWolfgang Gartner in Orlando

22ndPaul Van Dyk at Exchange LA

22ndWolfgang Gartner in Michigan

29th Wolfgang Gartner in San Diego

All of these are great opportunities to see amazing EDM DJ’s and have a wonderful time. I would also like to point out there is a couple of festivals this month.


Spring Awakening in Chicago

So in Hoffman Estates, Illinois there is the Spring Awakening festival that goes from the 7th to the 9th. They have a great lineup with Martin Garrix, Excision, Benny Benassi, Dillon Francis, and many more.

It is a great festival and you should definitely check it out. It may be a bit too late for this year, but I suggesr getting tickets next year if you can make it to Chicago.

A State of Trance 900 in the Bay Area

State of Trance is finally coming to California in 2019 to the Bay Area. Which means it is the very first A State of Trance 900 in the western United States. A dedicated Trance festival for those of you that just can’t stand to be without trance. Join all of your trance families June 29th for ASOT900! If you love trance you will love this!

Electric Forest in Michigan

2019 is sadly sold out for Electric Forest, but if you are lucky enough to find some last minute tickets I would highly suggest it.

The coolest part about Electric Forest is that it is a camping festival in the forest. That means lights all over the trees and a beautiful starry night to party under. It is also an all-ages festival so even if you aren’t 18 you can still go unlike a lot of EDM festivals. If you are going then checkout our packing list for Electric Forest.

Shows by Area

Los Angeles, California

San Diego




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