How to Stay Safe at EDC Vegas

Music festivals are amazing. But do you know how dangerous they can be? Learn about how to stay safe while going to EDC (the Electric Daisy Carnival) at #EDC #EDCLV2018 #EDCVegas #rave #ravelife #EDM #festivalseason

EDC is quickly closing in and I know we are all excited! Many of us have been waiting months, if not years. But let’s not throw all caution to the wind. Please stay safe at EDC!

With all of the excitement, people tend to forget that there are dangers. EDC people are usually as a family and that is great. But some people aren’t that way.

I remember that meme that went viral because a girl’s drink was spiked. Thing is that it was caught on camera. He openly put something in her drink while she wasn’t looking. That was at a music event as well. So everyone let’s stay safe.

How to Stay Safe at EDC Vegas


It doesn’t matter whether you are drinking alcohol or not. Keep your drinks sealed or covered at all times. And do not let it out of your site. If you realize that you haven’t been watching your open drink, do NOT drink it. Go get a new one.

It only takes seconds for someone to tamper with your drink! Play it safe.

Now with alcoholic drinks. People that are 21+ will be able to purchase alcoholic drinks. But we know that minors manage to get them from friends as well. Be responsible with alcohol. You want to enjoy the festival and create memories. Not wake up to not have memories of the day before.

Peer pressure happens. It sucks. But just understand when you should stop. Listen to your body and brain. Don’t let anyone push you past your limit or your comfort zone. Because you don’t want to deal with alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning is not to be taken lightly. There are points where even having your stomach pumped won’t help you.

Being drunk can also lead to you leaving with a stranger. There are people who will try to take advantage of you. Drink Responsibly.


Technically EDC has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. That includes marijuana. They have narcotics officers inside and outside of EDC. They want people to be safe. Drugs aren’t exactly safe.

Many people overdose on drugs and they don’t want that to happen at EDC. All they really want is for us to have a great time, but safely.

Drugs will find their way into EDC. It happens. I do suggest not using drugs at EDC though. For your own safety. Plus, EDC is great even if you are sober.

Sadly, there are some people that will try to drug you. Whether it be in a drink or potential peer pressure. Just be cautious and understand that you don’t need drugs to have fun.

If you are drinking, do NOT take drugs. You should never mix alcohol and drugs. It is a bad choice and can lead to serious dangers. Please don’t risk it.

If you are planning on taking drugs then be careful. Know what it is that you are taking and don’t overuse it.

Medical tents

There is a stigma about medical tents being where those who can’t hang go.

Don’t believe this!

If you are not feeling well or someone else looks bad to go to the medical staff for help.

Whether you have been underage drinking or taking drugs, they don’t care. The medical staff is not there to get you in trouble. They are there to keep you safe and take care of you.

Honestly, the medical staff could save your life or someone else’s. Don’t think that you are a wimp if you go. Just take care of yourself and others.

If you are feeling faint. Nauseous. Overheated. Or anything. Just go to a medical staff member or the medical tent.

EDC is 3 days and if you are out after day 1, then how are you supposed to survive the next 2 days?


It is super easy to dehydrate in Las Vegas. Let alone at EDC. There are 400,000+ people that attend EDC and the more bodies there the hotter it gets. You will be sweating from just standing there. But don’t forget all of the walking you will have to do and possibly dancing.

The hotter you get the more you sweat. The more you sweat the less water is in your body. You have to rehydrate during it all because you will be losing so much water. Drink a lot of water everyone. Bring a reusable water bottle or water pack to EDC.


Take some time to rest because it will be hot. The sun will be up for a little while. There will be tons of people closely packed into the stage areas. And those lights and effects from the stage get really hot. Then if you are dancing or even just walking you will end up overheating. Try to find a place to cool down. Grab a cold drink. Drink water. And see if there is an area with air conditioning.


The infamous mosh-pits. These can be quite painful. People have been known to fall and get trampled on by others. If you see anyone fall in a mosh-pit try to help them up before they end up injured.

The best thing is to try to stay away from the mosh-pit area. It usually happens on the right side of the stage closer to the front. Basically, that area is a designated mosh-pit area.


It happens. We all wish we were in a world without theft. Sadly that day has not come. There have been phone thieves and pickpocketers. Keep your items safe!

EDC has lockers that you can rent. This way you can store your valuables and worry less by keeping it safe.

You can also put locks on your bags/fanny packs/water packs. Store your valuables in an acceptable form of bag and lock the zippers together. Most bags won’t open a pouch when the zippers get locked together. This keeps them from opening a bag.

Pockets can be pickpocketed so try to store your items in a bag instead.

What about bags that get snatched? Well, most water packs have a chest buckle as well. This is why it makes it a great bag to bring. Having that buckle to keep it secured to you keeps others from taking it off when running past you.

Quick Tip: Water packs are such a great multi-purpose tool. It is a bag to put items in. A hands-free option for a water bottle. And it secures nicely on you so dancing doesn’t become harder.

Smoke and Vapor

People are allowed to buy cigarettes and e-liquid at EDC. This means that people will be smoking. Prepare yourself for that. Maybe bring a bandana mask to cover your nose or just try to stay away from the smoke.

Since more people are vaping these days you will probably smell more fruity things. It is less painful to the senses than cigarette smoke. But remember it is still second-hand smoke. It can be dangerous to your health. Be cautious.

Sharing drinks

Be careful when sharing drinks with others. You never know what germs could be spread. From smaller things like viruses and colds to an STD. It is not to discriminate against anyone with an STD it is just to protect yourself. You just don’t want to go to a festival with a clean slate of health and end up being sick or having an STD for the rest of your life.


Since we are talking about STDs just remember to have safe sex as well. This may not be happening inside of EDC, but it usually happens afterward. Whether you are going back with your friends, your group, or strangers who became new friends, stay safe. Use protection.

Camp EDC will be carrying condoms at their store just to make sure the campers have access to them.

Again you don’t want to go clean and end up with an STD. Use a condom that is not ripped or punctured. Be safe. You also don’t want to end up pregnant either. Especially from a stranger, you may never see again.

Quick Recap

  • Keep your drinks covered.
  • Don’t let your drinks out of your sight.
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure.
  • Alcohol poisoning is no joke.
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Don’t mix drugs and alcohol.
  • Medical staff is not there to get you in trouble.
  • Seek medical help if you aren’t feeling well.
  • Secure your valuables.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take breaks to cool off so you don’t overheat.
  • Help people if they fall into a mosh-pit.
  • Avoid the mosh-pit section.
  • Be aware that people will be smoking.
  • Be careful when sharing drinks due to germs.
  • Use protection if you are having sex.

Alright, that is about it. Please take precautions because we all just want to have a great weekend. Not have a bad experience. Or not be able to remember it. Keep yourself and your things safe.

Do understand that the medical tent is not for the weak. It is there for your health and not to get you in trouble! Don’t risk your life over thinking you would be lame to go there.

Stay safe under that brilliant electric sky! See you there!

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Music festivals are amazing. But do you know how dangerous they can be? Learn about how to stay safe while going to EDC (the Electric Daisy Carnival) at #EDC #EDCLV2018 #EDCVegas #rave #ravelife #EDM #festivalseason

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