How to Solo EDC Las Vegas

You don't have to go to EDC with others! It is just as much fun to go solo! Check out this article about going solo to EDC. #EDCVegas #EDCLV2018 #EDC #Rave #Ravelife

Alright, guys, it’s almost time for EDC Vegas. Many of us are going with groups of friends. Some of us may be going in pairs. Others may choose to go alone. For today we will talk about how to solo EDC Las Vegas, about the pros and cons, and if you are wanting to know how to stay safe at EDC then head over here.

Don’t worry if you aren’t going with a bunch of people. You will easily make new friends and still have a blast.

How to Solo EDC Vegas

Soloing EDC has so many benefits

You get to go see what artists you want.

Many times people stick to their groups and end up missing an artist they wanted to see. All because the majority chose something else. When flying solo you make all the decisions. No one can hold you back. So go see all the artists you want.

You don’t have to worry about group members getting lost. Or trying to find them.

That’s right. You are only accountable for yourself. No searching for hours to find your friend. It is actually extremely difficult to find someone in the sea of people. It is possible, but usually, you need to have a plan beforehand. Going by yourself you get to enjoy all the fun and not to have to worry about that situation happening.

Meeting new friends.

Since many people come in groups you can easily make friends. Make some new friends in one group and bounce to the next. You get to make as many new friends as you want. If the group leaves you can either join them or go your own separate way. You don’t have to stay in the same spot.

Be yourself.

Groups love to match each other. That’s perfectly fine. Shoot I love to match friends sometimes. But going alone has a great opportunity to wear whatever you want. Maybe you want to go wild. Interstellar. Be a unicorn. Maybe a mermaid. Go old school raver. Or whatever it may be. You can just rock you.

Go where you want. Relax when needed. And eat what you want, when you want.

Sometimes it feels as though your whole experience can be dictated by the group. Or just that one member of the group that is the “mom” figure. Not when going alone. If you are tired, hungry, or thirsty no one can judge you. You don’t have to ask for permission to sit down. Or eat. Or even to fill up your water bottle.

The biggest fear groups have is losing someone so they try to all stay together for everything. Soloing festivals mean you don’t have to wait for the group to do any of these things.

There are many more reasons to go solo. It just depends on you. Maybe you want a whole new group of friends. Maybe to feel less tied down to anything. Or it could be just to escape all of the things going on in life.

No matter what going to EDC solo can be a lot of fun.

There are dangers as well though.

Just like if you are going in a group there are things that can be dangerous. Going alone can be exciting and fun. But pretty scary for others. Sadly there are dangers when going anywhere alone nowadays.

Do check out our Staying Safe at EDC article.

Many people are going to be very friendly and look out for each other. Even if you barely have met. The thing is that there still are people that may try to cause you harm or trouble.

EDC is like a big family and every family has a black sheep. EDC is no different.

So what are the dangers?

Mosh pits

These can be dangerous for everyone! More so for people going solo because they may not have their friends to try to help them out of there. We all try to look out for each other, but it can be harder to do in a mosh pit.


Friends know when you aren’t looking so good. They can tell if you may need more water. If you go by yourself it may be harder to know how dehydrated you actually are. With all the adrenaline pumping and your attention to other things, you may not realize you need water.

Being slipped a drug

EDC has a no drug policy, but it still happens. Everyone needs to watch their drinks at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are at a bar, a club, a festival, etc. Keep a lid on your drink or something to cover it. Don’t let it out of your sight at any time. If you do, go get a new one. Those black sheep of the family may try something. Having friends with you can potentially reduce the risk, but it still happens.

Drinking too much

Friends can help you out by watching how much you have been drinking. Sometimes they pressure you to drink more than you should too. Be careful whether with a group or alone. You may meet new friends and they don’t know how much you can or should drink and may pressure you as well. Know your limit and don’t let anyone pressure you to drink more. You need to look out for yourself. That does not mean allowing yourself to get alcohol poisoning. Many people avoid medical tents because they think you must be weak if you go there. At any time if you are not feeling well please go to the medical staff. They are not there to get you in trouble.

There could be many other dangers. Potential drug overdose if you are using it. Mixing alcohol and drugs. Many more. So please be safe and cautious. Whether you are going alone or with a group.

If you want to know more check out our Staying Safe at EDC article.

Going with friends has its pros and cons, but so does going solo.

Enjoy your time either way! EDC is a place to get away from all the stress and just let loose. Make new friends. Listen to some amazing artists. And just have an overall good time.

Hope to see you all at EDC Las Vegas!

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You don't have to go to EDC with others! It is just as much fun to go solo! Check out this article about going solo to EDC. #EDCVegas #EDCLV2018 #EDC #Rave #Ravelife

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