How To Prepare Yourself For The Return Of Music Festivals In 2021

After a long wait sitting around indoors and satisfying our cravings through virtual shows, we can all begin to stir up excitement for heavy bass and lasers in our face. Vaccinations are rolling out throughout the world and Covid-19 cases are falling in most states. By the looks of it, this summer we finally return to normal and put all of this in our past. 

While some people still may be shaky on attending a gathering of 100+ people (understandably), some festivals may take place as early as mid-May. Some people are a little uneasy to go back to large events this soon. That is fine, but most of the EDM scene is looking to bring the excitement back even sooner. Electric Daisy Carnival’s CEO, Pasqual Rotella, released a statement that should comfort most festival enthusiasts. In the statement Rotella said “we’ve submitted a robust safety plan that is currently under review by Nevada officials. I will let you know the final decision by April 8th or sooner. If our plan is approved, we will move forward with the May 21-23 dates.” Obviously, this is not an indication that we are guaranteed to be mosh pitting and scrubbing the ground in shoulder-to-shoulder space, it is a very nice step in the right direction.

Public optimism is on the rise as well. The purchase of gear, hydration packs, and other festival essentials seems to show people believe the hype and are gearing up for the comeback. Social media is a great precursor too. Every time I open Instagram, I am delighted by a new festival lineup announcement. September, October, and November 2021 seem to be the target dates for all the big shows to make their annual showing. With these factors in play there is no denying Music Festivals are back!

Some people might not remember how straining festivals are physically and mentally. Preparation beforehand is a omnipotent in having a successful weekend. Since it’s been a minute, we are going to give you 5 tips on how to gear up for the return of music festivals in 2021.

Start saving money

Obviously, the pandemic took a large chunk out of our bank accounts. Between losing a job or having to buy home office equipment, money might not come easy. If you want to buy $11 beers, and eat boa buns three times a day, you might want to start budgeting for the season. There is nothing more stressful than having to show up for a show and not buying a popsicle because your card is in a negative balance. If you have not heard of it, check out Acorns. Acorns takes any change from a purchase and puts it into a fund for you. This portfolio can either be set to conservative or aggressive. In this case, conservative would be the smart move.

Plan your travel

Unfortunately, some borders are still closed. International festivals will probably lag 6-9 months behind in comparison to domestic festivals due to the additional factors like border closings and visa’s being suspended. If you are lucky enough to find an international music festival in 2021, check out this COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map. This shows if you can access certain countries from your state and it will inform you when to expect the gates to open for you to come party. 

Get your feet in shape

Undoubtedly most of us sat around more during this pandemic. The snack drawer has been staring us in the face. You MUST remember that our bodies need time to adjust to what we ask for. Going from couch to walking around a festival all weekend can and most likely will result in stress fractures which can ruin your first experience back to shows. I remember at EDC my phone stats showed I logged 18 miles of walking. With such a long break it would be very wise to put some effort in to getting our feet ready. This treadmill sprint routine will be great to reintroduce pressure on our legs and knees so that our bodies are not in shock for festival season 2021. If you are feeling like you need an extra kick-in-the-butt, I would recommend hiring a running coach. Coaches are great for getting educated on how to run, take care of your body, and stay motivated.

Get an Anti-Theft Bag

If you’re in the market for a new festival bag, your in luck. Phone theft is no longer a problem with new anti-theft hydration bag technology. I know, I did not know these existed either. In the past few years we have seen a trend in anti-theft hydration pack and chest packs. Do not think you re sacrificing swag for safety. Not only are they fashionable, comfortable, and well designed, but they provide peace-of-mind so you can dance the night away.

Secure time off from work

This goes without saying but some people forget before the two-week notice deadline is passed. Unlike before, many of us do not go into the office. We do not say hello to our boss everyday like we used to. Asking 2 months in advance will never hurt so stop procrastinating and get it taken care of.

Bonus Tip: Break in your festival shoes!

Time is running out. Music festivals are going to be back way before you know it. This is your notice to get in shape, buy the right gear, and save up some money. The feeling of coming back to a festival fully recharged and prepared for the first time in over 18 months is going to bring out some emotions we have never felt before. Don’t come in unprepared, at this point you have no excuse! See you all soon.

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