How to Have a Sex Life After Children

Don't think that your sex life is now over after kids, just think of having to be more creative. #lifeofaura #sexlife #motherhood

Feeling like yourself after having a child is hard, but not impossible. With everything in life, it takes time and effort. The key word is effort. Now being intimate with your spouse or significant other should not end after having a child. You just need to put in that effort.


And maybe be a bit more creative.


How to Have a Sex Life After Children


Being intimate with each other after having children doesn’t always mean having sex. It can mean many different things as well, but for today we will just talk about your sex life.


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After having children it can be difficult to feel like you can have a sex life, but it is possible. You just have to be a bit creative and remind yourself that it can happen.


Don't think that your sex life is now over after kids, just think of having to be more creative. #lifeofaura #sexlife #motherhood


Do It While They Are Asleep


It’s as simple and as easy as that. Put them down for their nap or their bedtime in their room. And now you have a bit of time for each other. If the child doesn’t have their own room or you share a room with them, then just put them to bed and go to a place where you can be alone. Could be the living room, office, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, garage, or even a closet. No judgment, just clean up afterward.


Still worried they will wake up and see something they shouldn’t? Then try these:


Lock Your Door


Pretty simple and straight forward, but probably forgotten about a lot of the time. Now if you are in like the living room or kitchen there really isn’t a door. Try another trick.


Don’t Be Loud


Children can sleep well when they are in a routine and you should know what to expect. With them asleep, you should be fine if you are quiet when doing it. If you are loud you have a higher chance of them waking up.


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Just imagine you hear some scary, never heard before sound in your sleep. You are bound to wake up and usually wake up scared. What do you do when you are a young child? Run to mommy or daddy.


Put Some Sound On


Where it be turning the TV on for background noise or playing some music it can help drown out noises they have never heard before. This also makes it easier to not be so loud in comparison to the sound from the TV or music.


Don’t forget that doing something like this you can make sounds while having sex and not worry too much about trying to be very quiet.


Hire a Babysitter


If you don’t feel comfortable to do it while your child is home then hire a babysitter and go out. Have someone watch your child and go on a date night and rent a hotel room or something.


Let a Relative Watch Your Children


Another option is bringing your child to a relative, like a grandma. Grandparents love to spend time with their grandchildren. So, for the most part, they will say yes. Once your child is out of the house you can go right back home, spend time together, and have sex without the worry of your child catching you.


Make Time For Each Other


This is honestly one of the biggest things that people don’t do. They are too busy with work, with school, with their children that they forget about each other. The more parents, spouses, significant others pull away from each other the more likely their sex life diminishes and the more likely their relationship grows weak.


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Plan a date night. Whether it is going out or just staying in. Plan it once a month, once a week, many times a week, whatever works for both of you. And do you remember that keyword from the beginning of this post? This is where you have to put in the most effort. The more effort you put into making time for each other the better the chances for your sex life.


Don't think that your sex life is now over after kids, just think of having to be more creative. #lifeofaura #sexlife #motherhood


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