Get Your Festival Shoes Now to Break in Before EDC LV

Finally we should be welcoming back festivals after a year long wait and it looks like EDC Las Vegas is going to be happening and on schedule. Other summer festivals look to be happening as scheduled as well. Are you ready for it? Did you get your shoes ready to go? If not it is best that you get your festival shoes now to break them in. New festival year means new shoes right?

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If you haven’t gotten your outfits either then you still have time. Plus, you can get your shoes at the same time so you know exactly which shoes you want for each of your outfits at EDC or any other festival. I also have a code for you to get 10% off your order at iHeartRaves and RaveWonderland, just make sure to add the code LIFEOFAURA when you go to check out.

Why you should get your festival shoes now

Did you take advantage of some sales over the past year? Or are you still in need of some amazing shoes to match that new outfit you just ordered? Well you better get your shoes now if you are heading to EDC Las Vegas because it is coming up pretty quickly and you need to break them in.

When I say break them in I mean it, not just wear them for an hour and call it good. I mean take the 2 to 4 weeks it takes to break them in until they are comfy for you.

If you take into consideration that it takes 2 to 4 weeks to break in and then how long shipping takes for your shoes to even get to you then now is the time to buy. Lucky for you iHeartRaves is still having sales on their shoes including some of their platform boots.

What is the point of breaking in your new shoes before a festival?

The reason you need to break in your shoes is because you will be standing, walking, and dancing for 12 hours for 3 days in a row if you go all day long at EDC Las Vegas. Not to mention that if you choose to stay at Camp EDC Las Vegas you will have even more time to be on your feet since camp is pretty much an all day event along with the main event of EDC.

That is a lot of time packed into a few days and you really don’t want to have blisters from your shoes to spoil your fun. So no matter what style shoes you want to wear at the festival make sure they are broken in so you won’t get cuts or blisters from wearing them for so long.

Shoes that are great for height at festivals

If you are short like me you will probably want shoes that are platforms so that you can see a lot more of the festival stages and features. There are just a ton of people that will be taller than you and it is hard to see anything unless you are in the bleachers or up at a skydeck or on someone’s shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong if you are tall you can still wear platforms because at EDM festivals like EDC Las Vegas you should be able to wear whatever sets your heart on fire.

Shoes that are made to be comfy for festivals

Maybe you don’t like being taller or the weight that comes with platform boots and that is alright because there are still some amazing shoes to match your new festival outfits. These are lighter weight than the platforms and more practical for walking around a ton at the festival.

Fun shoes to top off your new outfits

Don’t like platform boots and yet you don’t want shoes that are more like running shoes then these are for you. Festival style shoes that can accentuate your festival outfit or be the star of the show.

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