Extra Events at Camp EDC 2018

Want to continue your EDC experience? Check out the extra events Camp EDC has to offer. #EDC #EDCLV2018 #festivalseason #rave

Camp EDC is hosting special events for campers only! From a kickoff party on Thursday the 17th to a closing party on Monday the 21st. Some of the line ups are still a mystery, but the closer we get the more excited people are.

Each day there is a special event and don’t forget that they have activities for only the campers. From Kandi making, yoga, and a barbershop. To go-kart racing, hula-hoop classes, and field games. There is even guest speakers and stand-up comedy. Camp EDC is special all around, but let’s get to those extra events.

Thursday May 17th

Kickoff party! How exciting is it to get settled into camp and head over to a kickoff party? I am pretty excited. On thursday night from 10pm until 3am they are having this amazing party at the Parliament art car.

Excision will be kicking off our Camp EDC experience followed by G Jones and Habstrakt.

That’s right. Excision. I am so excited that Excision is the opening to my EDC Vegas 2018 experience. Cool thing is that only the campers get to go.

Friday May 18th

The opening day for EDC has arrived. The gates for Cosmic Meadow opens at 3pm. Opening ceremony doesn’t start until 4pm which lasts until 7pm. Finally, at 7pm the fullgrounds open and we get enjoy the full first day of EDC.

What are you going to do before then though?

Well campers actually have a Daytime Pool Party at the Oasis Pool. On friday May 18th from 1pm to 4pm we get a special addition to EDC.

This party is hosted by Space Yacht. Cool thing is that Space Yacht has a poll going on who people think is going to perform. They even want to know who we would like to perform.

I can’t wait to find out who will be performing.

Saturday May 19th

Another Daytime Pool party at the Oasis Pool. Same time from 1pm-4pm. Different host though. This time it is Insomniac Records hosting the party.

Still no word on who it will be yet. I will update the post as soon as I find out. But isn’t the mystery more thrilling?

All of the hours for EDC itself is the same so it gives you plenty of time to hit the pool party and not miss out on anything.

Sunday May 20th

Last day of EDC! The day we all hoped wasn’t coming. We would rather keep the fun going and not leave, but we can’t. Since it’s the last day of EDC then there is one last Daytime Pool Party.

And who is it hosted by? Brownies & Lemonade All Stars. From 1pm-4pm as always and with no line-up leaked.

Go to the pool party. Hit the opening ceremony at 4pm in the Cosmic Meadows. And have at it at 7pm for the rest of EDC.

Monday May 21st

EDC officially ends at 5:30am. Campers have an extra party left. From 5:30am to 10am there is the Closing Party.

Camp EDC has some special guests in store for campers only.

Don’t worry about an 11am check out time either. They give you time to rest and pack up. Everyone has to be gone from the campgrounds by 7pm. That way you can get in a nap. Grab a bite to eat. Make sure you have packed everything. And say goodbye to your new friends.

That little bit of a nap will be much needed after 4 wonderful days of Camp EDC. Especially before your trip back home.

Another good thing about having a later time is that there is less traffic to get through. With everyone leaving their hotels there will be a ton of traffic. Leaving at a later time will help it clear up a bit before you go.

Thanks to Camp EDC’s extra events you get to extend the experience. Adding more time to make new friends. And really can make you forget about the stress of life and that day job you may have.

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Want to continue your EDC experience? Check out the extra events Camp EDC has to offer. #EDC #EDCLV2018 #festivalseason #rave

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