Drive-In Raves Making 2020 More Bearable

2020 cancelled festivals, closed clubs, and made it that much harder for us to survive the year, but it did give us one thing, the drive-in-raves. A way for us to stay sane and still support the amazing DJs that have also been hit hard during this pandemic. While it may be new there are so many people out there happy that they can at least enjoy their favorite DJs at a live performance. There are many questions about these raves like how do they work? Is it safe to go to a drive-in-rave? How do I find one near me?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today and I am even going to give you guys seven tips to help you make the most out of your drive-in-rave experience. If you don’t know what to wear to a drive-in-rave or if you want to pick up some new outfits before the 2021 festivals then check out my post What To Wear To A Drive-In-Rave 2020.

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What is a Drive-in Rave?

A drive-in rave is where you can go watch a live performance from the comfort of your own car and in some places the area next to your car can be used as your dance floor. So it is similar to a drive-in movie theater in many aspects, but the cars are more distanced to stick to the social distancing guidelines for the pandemic so that they can keep people safer.

Is it safe to go to a Drive-in Rave?

It can be. Though only if you stick to social distancing and if you are smart about what you take with you. Now I don’t want to say that a drive-in rave is truly safe 100% of the time because it is still a new concept without perfect guidelines. Along with the fact that Covid-19 is still going on and can easily be spread.

So if you really need to go to a rave to stay sane or even feel slightly normal again, just make sure to be safe. Use precautions with who you go with, wear a mask, and stay socially distanced from other groups. Please do not run up to other groups just to take pictures or catch up because you will be making it a lot less safe for everyone else.

How these raves work

When you go to a drive-in-rave you need to be aware of that rave’s specific guidelines because each company has different rules in place to make sure that their staff and their attendees stay safe. So always be sure to check out their website and do as they ask because if we can’t even do that then our festivals won’t open back up anytime soon. But I digress.

Now try to get to your event early to get a better parking spot and view because no matter what section you are in the spots will always be first come first serve. Do note that if you choose to leave the event early you can not get back in.

Once you get going to your drive-in-rave event make sure you bring masks and wear them correctly especially when dealing with others and especially the staff. You will be going through security that should be checking your car just to make sure you didn’t bring any banned items.

For most events your parking pass allows up to five (5) people, but those people already have to be in your car and the car has to legally be able to seat all of your passengers. Now I heard there is an option to pay for an additional seating if your car seats eight (8) people legally and that way you can bring more than five people.

After you get through security you will park in your designated spot and turn off your car. Depending on the event you go to you may receive a pamphlet telling you what is going to happen and if you are supposed to tune your radio into their designated radio station to hear the performance. Other raves may have enough speakers around the area for you to hear it in your car.

When the rave starts please stay in your designated area whether that be inside the car or the parking spot directly next to your car (again depending on the event). If you have to go to the bathroom or if the event has onsite foods and drinks you can get then stay socially distanced from other groups so that we may get through this quicker by having less spreading of Covid-19.

7 Tips to make the most out of your Drive-in Rave

We got through what drive-in raves are, if they are safe, and how they work, but I think some tips to make the most out of your rave are what you really want. So let’s get to it.

Always wear a mask

Please wear a mask to keep others and yourself safe. Now I know not every mask is created equally, but there are plenty of thicker masks that actually work. The only problem is that many people don’t wear them correctly, so try to remember that it is supposed to cover both your mouth and nose, not just your chin.

Let’s also be honest I know you can do it because there are so many ravers out there that way before Covid-19 would wear a mask for festivals from dust to dawn. It can be done and has been done, so try your best as well.

If you are looking for a mask that would go with your ravewear then I suggest you check out the masks at iHeartraves or Rave Wonderland. They have plenty of options to match with your drive-in-rave outfits and if you use the links above you get 10% off as well.

Make sure you have a designated driver

I won’t get into this too much, but never drink and drive so make sure you have a designated driver in your group. There will also be police at your drive-in-rave which will hopefully keep people from drinking and driving as much as possible.

Bring food and water

It’s in your best interests to bring your own food and water/drinks so that you don’t have to go to the vendors (if your event even has vendors). That way you get to enjoy your drive-in-rave with the foods and drinks that you want instead of living off of chicken tenders and fries like at a festival.

Also make sure to bring plenty of water. There will be water for sale, but not refill stations just to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. Always remember to stay hydrated.

Check all of the policies for your drive-in-rave on their website

As I talked about earlier, make sure to check your specific drive-in-rave’s website to know all of their policies. That way you know what you can and can’t bring with you. There are some that allow you to use the parking spot next to your car as your own personal dance floor or you could even put chairs there to watch outside of your car.

Also the website would tell you whether or not it is still an 18+ event. Sadly, even though it’s not in a club or at festival grounds that doesn’t make it an all ages rave. There may be a few out there, but for the most part it is 18+. Which in it’s own way is good because you don’t want to risk kids getting sick right now.

Bring a truck or hatchback

If you want comfort then I suggest you bring a truck or hatchback like an suv so that you can lay down and relax or even just stretch your legs and not be cramped.

A truck gives you plenty of options to dance in the truck bed and even put chairs there to have a better view. The only problem is your truck would have to legally seat the amount of people you bring, but as long as it does then you are golden. You can even decorate the truck bed to feel more like camping at a festival (without the tent of course).

With a hatchback or suv you have the option to open the hatch and relax in the back. You can even put down the seats for more room. Now you might not be able to dance in the car, but you have more room to bring people and more room to bring your food and drinks. Just like the truck you can decorate the inside to feel like your at a festival and make the experience that much more fun.

If you don’t have a truck or a hatchback that is okay too. It is just an extra tip if you have one in your group to go with one of them instead. You may even have the option to rent one if that is what you would prefer.

Have good quality speakers

Depending on which drive-in-rave you go to you might have to listen to the show on your own stereo system in your car. So if you want to have a better time experiencing the music then try to bring a car/truck/suv etc. with good to high quality speakers.

Oh and try not to blow out your speakers at the same time. You really don’t want to leave the event and not be able to listen to any music on your way home.

Bring a jumper cable

There are drive-in-raves that have an emergency car service section to make sure that everyone’s cars can leave the event. Your car should still have everything you would need in it, but not everyone keeps that stuff in their cars.

So do yourself a favor and at least bring a jumper cable. You may end up running your car’s battery down and the last thing you need is for your car not to start at the end of the event and having to wait while other people are getting their cars jump started. Let alone if you end up at an event that doesn’t have a section to help with car troubles.

Now that’s it for my tips, but as a bonus for staying to the end here are some of the upcoming drive-in-raves.

Upcoming Drive-In-Raves!

Here are the current upcoming Drive-In Rave events across the United States:

Los Angeles, CA (San Bernardino)

Park N Rave Events at the NOS Events Center

Orange County, CA (Anaheim)

City National Grove

Charlotte, NC (Kings Mountain)

Hounds Drive- In

Orlando, FL

Ace Cafe

Stay safe, stay hydrated, and have a blast!

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