Doll Carriers Letting Older Siblings Be Just Like You

If you have your own children or have ever spent time with one, you will agree that copying adults is their favorite hobby. Whether it’s pushing the cart at a grocery store, driving a car, cooking food, or doing makeup, etc., imitating the actions of older people (especially parents) is super fun for them and when you allow them to do any of this, they are over the moon.

If you’re a mom of more than one child and carry around your little one in a baby carrier, I am pretty sure your older child always bugs you about wanting to carry the baby around. Well, instead of having your child miss out on the carrying fun because of the dangerous element associated with the baby to be carried around by a toddler, why not have a win-win solution?

If your toddler is 18 plus months old, the best purchase you can make for them is to get them the best doll carrier that’s out there in the market; yes you heard me right, I am talking about the ERGO Baby Lumos Maxima Doll Carrier.

Ergobaby Doll Carrier

This doll carrier will fulfill your daughter’s or niece’s desire to feel just like their mom. It makes an amazing gift for 18 plus year old toddlers who love the concept of baby carrying and want to join in on the magical carrying fun. The girls can carry their dolls either on the front or back in this highly durable and 100% cotton (super comfortable to wear) doll carrier. They’ll be euphoric about being able to carry a baby, even if it’s a fake one (lol).

This ERGO Baby doll carrier comes in many magical and fun print options, and you can choose the one that matches your real baby carrier too: trust me your child will be overjoyed about this!

Moreover, the best part is that this doll carrier isn’t gender specific. Get it for your daughter or son, it’s entirely up to you. If your son doesn’t play with dolls, he can carry around his favorite stuffed animal, teddy bear, or even his fire engine in it and be super happy about it.

Apart from this, the ERGO Baby doll carrier is super durable. The fabric is robust and thick, and it has strong clamps. It’s an investment that both will make your kids happy, and will serve you in the long run as it’s durability will allow it to be handed down by older siblings to younger ones so that they can join in on the fun too!

However, this doll carrier does lack a shoulder strap which would be a helpful addition for kids with a smaller built as the straps would be loose for them. Also, this baby doll carrier doesn’t fit those large American girl dolls either.

Wrapping it up:

So, you don’t have to say ‘No’ to your baby girl anymore when she insists on carrying her little sibling around in a baby carrier.

Instead, you can let her be like her mommy by letting her have her own little doll baby by getting her the amazing child friendly ERGO Baby doll carrier.

Mirroring the actions of her mother will make her ecstatic!

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