COVID-19: Festivals Are Being Canceled And Postponed Due To The Coronavirus

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

Right now the whole world is freaking out about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it has started to take its toll on everything. Stores are being cleared out, people have been told to work from home, and events have been told to cancel. That’s right the Coronavirus is canceling and postponing festivals along with everything else. 

We get it. We totally understand that a large festival spreads many diseases and viruses like there is no tomorrow. But that doesn’t stop us from being upset that our favorite festivals are being effected. But what festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus?

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

Festivals That Have Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

When it comes down to it many festivals are being canceled or postponed for the safety of their fans. Sadly enough these festivals are the ones that have been officially canceled instead of being postponed. 

Many due to the times that they were to take place happened to fall into the quarantine dates. Others are wanting to be proactive and make sure that the safety of the festival-goers is their first priority.

Some of the festivals are just not able to be rescheduled due to having a similar festival happening later in the year. Others just don’t have an area they can make the same festival happen but at a later date.

So here they are, the festivals that have been canceled due to the Coronavirus so far.

Electric Forest

Electric Forest was scheduled at the end of June and tried to schedule at date to postpone the festival. Unfortunately, the days the wanted to postpone it to has actually be denied.

Festival goers are still hoping that Electric Forest finds a way around this and manages to find a date to reschedule. It wouldn’t be the same without Electric Forest this year.

Glastonbury Festival (U.K.)

The 50th anniversary for the Glastonbury festival has not been postponed, but completely canceled. As one of the world’s largest events, it is sad to say that it will no longer be taking place on June 24-28, 2020.

South By Southwest (SXSW)

Set to take place on March 13-22 in Austin, Texas has been canceled. The 10-day festival all about tech, music, and film has been put to a stop by a panel of health experts. Causing tens of thousands of people to be disappointed since it first started in 1987.

Tomorrowland Winter In France

The winter edition of Tomorrowland that was to take place in France on March 14-21 has been canceled. Looks like the French alpine ski resort of Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine Ski will be pretty bare. They do have the original Tomorrowland that will still be happening in Belgium in July.

Ultra Miami

As one of the first main EDM festivals to cancel Ultra Miami was called off for March 20-22. They have not rescheduled sadly, but hopefully will be back at it next year.

Festivals Postponed For A Later Date

We have now reached the festivals that have sadly been affected by the Coronavirus but thankfully have just been postponed instead of being canceled completely. What a relief. 

There may end up being more on this list later on if COVID-19 continues to spread for a longer time than we hope. But one thing to note is that Insomniac Events does NOT plan on canceling any events, but postponing them instead. So if it does go on most of our main EDM festivals in the USA will still be saved just at a later date.

Beyond Wonderland

Insomniac has pushed Beyond Wonderland back from March 20-21 to June 19-20. But don’t be discouraged because Insomniac is planning to make up for the weekend with a Virtual Beyond Wonderland for all of us during the original time for the festival.


Bonnaroo has been moved to its new dates in September. With the safety of their fans in mind, the festival will take place on September 24-27.

Bottlerock Napa

Instead of being held on May 22-24, Northern California’s Bottlerock Festival will now be held on October 2-4 due to the Coronavirus concerns.


Coachella has been a very large festival that takes place two weekends in a row. For 2020 it was supposed to take place the weekends of April 9 and 16 but now has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. As of now, it is supposed to take place on the weekends of October 9 and October 16.

EDC Las Vegas

The 10th anniversary of EDC Las Vegas was originally scheduled for May 15-17, but has been postponed. The new dates are October 2-4, 2020 which leaves Camp EDC scheduled for October 1st.

We are all thankful that EDC was not canceled and October EDC will be something new for all of us. It will be a fun new experience for an anniversary which makes it even more exciting.

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Rolling Loud

Rolling Loud has been postponed. The festival was supposed to happen in May of 2020, but now it has been moved all the way to February 12-14 in 2021. It was a large push back, but it will still be happening in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium.


Yet another festival that was supposed to take place in April alongside Coachella has been postponed as well. This time Stagecoach will be taking place on the weekend of October 23. Which means it is time to change those plane tickets if you can.

Ubbi Dubbi

The Ubbi Dubbi festival has been postponed from April to October. The only way they were able to not cancel this year was to join the Freaky Deaky festival. So the combined festival Ubbi Dubbi Gets Freaky Deaky is scheduled for October 30-31, 2020.

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

Festivals That Are Still Scheduled As Planned

There are still festivals that will be continuing as planned in spite of the Coronavirus. Safety at these events will be the main concern for most, but depending on the virus as it gets closer to each festival they may be canceled or postponed as well.

Thankfully these festivals are still working really hard (many remotely even) to keep everything right on schedule so that once this is over we can go to the places we love the most, our favorite festivals.

What we have to look forward to after the Coronavirus is these wonderful festivals that are still set on their dates.

Hard Summer

This might be still far off when it comes to going to the Hard Summer festival because it isn’t until August, but it will still be going on. Insomniac Events have not seen a need to push back any of their festivals except for Beyond Wonderland. So stay prepared to go to Hard Summer for August 1st and 2nd.

House Music Festival

The 4th Annual Chicago House Music Conference and Festival have not been changed as of now. They are still ready to have an amazing time from Thursday, May 21st to Sunday, May 24th.


Even though Tomorrowland Winter has been canceled, the main event Tomorrowland will still be going on in Belgium. That means both weekends are still scheduled to be the first weekend from July 17-19 and the second weekend July 24-26. So far it will not be changing unless the Coronavirus worsens or it is told to cancel by officials when it gets closer to the date.

TRNSMT Festival

While the devastation of Glastonbury has put a damper on festivals for 2020, TRNSMT is still on. And will continue to take place from July 10-12, though health and safety will still be the festival’s priority as they continue to monitor the situation.

The Effect Of The Coronavirus On Air Travel

The Coronavirus has affected a lot of people, a lot of lives and business, and especially travel. Air travel at this point will be more difficult during the times we are meant to be in more of a quarantine. Due to a lot of people being inside a small area and not knowing if someone is actually a carrier of the virus.

There are also travel bans for out-of-country flights so depending on where you live it might be even more difficult to fly into the USA or to a festival overseas like Tomorrowland.

Here is one good thing though. If you still haven’t booked your plane tickets for festivals at a later dater or even to EDC Las Vegas it is actually cheaper to buy now. I will warn you that you should be careful of what websites you are using to buy your tickets and to check if your tickets are allowed to be changed for a later date. 

Since the Coronavirus has canceled many festivals and postponed others it would be wise to find tickets that are more flexible. That way if the dates change your flights can as well.

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

How To Stay Safe Going To A Large Festival

As much as we are worried that our festivals might be canceled we need to put in the effort to plan for our upcoming festivals. What we can do to stay safe and take care of our health while at a large festival. Because there are upcoming festivals that we will be going to whether that is a sooner festival like EDC or a later festival like Coachella. 

Either way, there will be some sicknesses as well even if it is not the Coronavirus. So what can we do to minimize the chances of getting sick while still going to a festival?

Try Driving Instead Of Flying If Possible

If you are traveling to a festival and it is possible to drive there then do it. Getting on a plane will make your chances of catching something a lot higher than if you drove your own car or went with someone you know. 

Now I know that this can’t always happen because you don’t want to drive 3,000 miles to a festival across the country if you don’t have to. And sometimes you honestly can’t like if it was actually overseas. 

But if you have the opportunity it would be best to minimize your exposure to extra people who won’t even be going to the festival. But could have been to an area that was heavily contaminated.

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Use Hand Sanitizer A Lot And Wash Your Hands Thoroughly When Possible

At festivals, there are so many times when you might touch something gross. It doesn’t have to be a bathroom, a railing, or even bleachers. It can be people. There will be a lot of gross people at festivals and that is what spreads germs. 

I am not meaning just people who you want to call “gross” because of things they say or where they come from. I mean by what they do or even don’t do.

Many times, both male and female, there are people who actually don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Or they don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Or even just touch something gross and don’t wash their hands, but wipe it off on their clothing. All of these things can cause germs to spread.

And how does the Coronavirus spread? By touch. So wash your hands thoroughly when you can because I know it isn’t always possible at festivals, but try. If you can’t wash your hands regularly then bring hand sanitizer. USE IT! Don’t just bring it and think that you don’t really need it right now so you wait and forget you even have it.

Also, don’t touch your face with dirty hands. It is best not to be touching your face much in the first place, but more so if you have only used hand sanitizer instead of washing thoroughly with soap and water.

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

Wear a Mask

There are many types of masks in the world and it can feel weird at first, but you should wear them. When it comes to festivals you are in close proximity to each other and to stop some of those germs and fight becoming sick these masks can help a lot. Some masks protect more than others and some feel more awkward as well, it just depends on your preference though.

Don’t Do Drugs (Or At Least Limit It)

I understand that drugs will always be at festivals whether we like it or not. But doing drugs can make your chances of getting sick easier. There are many drugs out there that weaken your immune system and make it harder for your body to fight off infections and viruses like the Coronavirus. Which in return makes a festival very difficult when trying to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and other illnesses.

Now saying not to do drugs at all is quite hard for anyone going to a festival because even alcohol is considered a drug. But if you have the chance not to do any at all you will make it easier to stay healthy.

If you still plan on doing drugs, whether that be alcohol or something else, please try to limit it. And don’t take random drugs from strangers. Keep an eye on your drinks and don’t share a drink with others as well. Because sharing food or drinks is still sharing germs and you never know who is actually sick already since the Coronavirus takes 2 weeks to show signs.

Please be safe out there and try to stay healthy.

COVID-19: Festivals are being canceled and postponed due to the Coronavirus and staying safe once they come back is very important for festival-goers.

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