Why You Should Choose to Camp at EDC VS Getting a Hotel

Why Camp EDC is just that much better than a hotel. No reason to stop your fun by having to go back to a hotel in traffic. #edcvegas #campedc #festival

That’s right we are talking about booking a hotel vs camping at Camp EDC. EDC Vegas has announced that it will be hosting its first Camp in 2018. Many are skeptical about camping at a festival. Whereas others like me are thrilled.

I know I was on the fence for a while. If it weren’t for my boyfriend putting things in perspective little by little, then I would have said no. Camp EDC is new after all and no one seems to talk about it much. After going through a pros and cons list I had to make the decision was clear.

Let me help you out with the research I have done. Maybe you will come to the same conclusion as I have. Maybe not. It’s fine either way.

Camping maybe a new thing still for EDC Vegas, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. #campedc #edcvegas #festivalseason

Reasons to think about.

Proximity to EDC

A huge thing to think about. Once in Las Vegas how are you going to get to EDC every day? Driving? Bus? Shuttle? Taxi? If you want to go hardcore and walk, there is that option too. 17 miles give or take depending on which hotel you booked. That is way too much for me.

Now if you are taking a car, whether it be your own or a ride-sharing service, there is bound to be traffic. A lot of traffic. And who knows maybe your car, the bus, a shuttle, etc has no air conditioning. Ouch. That is going to be hot.

There is free general parking though. If you want to be closer it will cost you to get a premier parking pass. But, shuttles and ride shares do have a separate section where they drop you off to avoid a bit of traffic.

Now let’s say you want to walk there. 17 miles from a hotel? Yeah, no. There is a way to walk to EDC though. It’s by staying at Camp EDC. You are seriously right next to EDC. How cool is that?

Now after being able to walk to EDC every day, you even get to enter through the campers-only entrance. Yup, you get to skip the general entry line. Campers have already been checked for their tickets as well which will mean a much shorter line and fewer people searching for their pass.

So what is better than being able to walk to EDC? Re-entry of course!

EDC only allows each ticket to enter once per day of EDC. That means if you leave you can’t come back that day. So if you choose a hotel and forget something. There is no going back to get it or there is no getting back in.

Whereas campers from Camp EDC have a special campers-only entrance. This allows them to be able to re-enter at any time during festival hours. If you want a break, then go relax in your tent or RV. If you want to do an activity at the camp at some point instead of one at EDC then go for it.

It is wonderful I say. Air-conditioned tents to go back to. Time to breathe after dancing so much. Watch a guest speaker or stand up comedy act to change things up. One amazing perk I would say.


Sadly, we need to sleep a bit while the festival is closed. That means passing out on a bed. Hotel beds tend to be too soft or too hard. A mountain of various pillows that will probably end up on the floor. Bedsheets that seem to never end. And then the thought of how clean are these sheets pop into your head.

You need to remember that hotels have guests in basically every room almost every day of the year. This is Las Vegas and it is such a tourist attraction. Bachelor parties. Bachelorette parties. Guys trips. Ladies night outs. So much happens here.

Do we really know how often that bed has been used? If it has truly been kept clean? Do you honestly think they clean the mattress? I know they wash the sheets and you should always stay above some of the sheets, but it worries me still.

Most places are pretty good, but sometimes things happen. I know one time I found a bed bug and I flipped out. I tried to change rooms and they said there was nothing else available. Seriously? I needed something else. After a ton of arguing I got a new room. It was a smoking room instead of non-smoking. I kid you not it was hard to breathe in that room.

Now, are you going to be able to change rooms during EDC week? I doubt it because most places are going to be booked solid. You may not run into any of these problems, but for me, it still scares me.

The cool thing about Camp EDC is that you get to bring your own things. If you go with the RV then you already know what is in your RV and how clean everything is. Plus, you get that bed that you know just how comfortable it is. With the tents, you can use sleeping bags or bring an air mattress. If you have the Desert Rose option then it already comes with the air mattress and bedding as well.

I feel that the comfort of bringing your own things to camp with is such a plus. You know how clean your things are. You know how they smell. If you love that comforting smell of detergent or fabric softener that you use. I would say go camping.


Hotels are not cheap at all. If you were to arrive on Thursday and not leave until Monday morning you would have to pay on average between $720 to above $1,536 for a single room. The more prestige the hotel has the more it will cost. Don’t forget you either have to pay for gas to EDC. Pay for a premier parking spot if you want to be closer to the front which is $130. Or there are the ride-shares that you would have to pay for.

Then there is the shuttle option that you have to buy the pass for a certain time slot to an exact location. This is for all 3 days and it is only for the time slot you registered. It costs $90 for the standard shuttle pass. The premier shuttle pass is $199 and has more prime times for the shuttle. Just remember that if you miss your shuttle you can’t get on the next one.

With camping at EDC, you don’t need to find transportation for every day. You just walk through the gate. It does allow you to bring a vehicle and park for free at the campground parking. If you want another spot then it is $100 extra, but only if they have space. You can buy a shuttle pass if you would like, but passes are limited and you probably won’t want to leave the camp due to the extra events there.

RV parking option starts with parking for $329 and allows up to 8 people per RV. There are add-ons for power though. $499 for 30-amp RV power and $699 for 50-amp power. You do have to order the power in advance with the ticket. Now if you go with the basics of the parking and 30-amp of Rv power it would be $828. Potentially split by 8 people, that is not bad at all. That is basically $103.50 for each person for 4 days.

Moon Glow tents allow up to 4 people in a weather-resistant and air-conditioned tent. The tents are these amazing Shiftpod2 tents. There are no beds, but you can bring air mattresses or sleeping bags. You can pre-order an air mattress to pick up at the insomniac store though. This way you just have to show your ID and ticket to pick it up after you check-in. Choosing this will cost $1,199 for the 4 days. It can be split between those 4 people though. That means it will cost $299.75 per person.

Lastly, there are the Desert Rose tents that only allow 2 people. It is more expensive because it comes with a queen air mattress or 2 twin mattresses and all the bedding for them. What comes with these tents is all the same as the Moon Glow tents, except there is exclusive access to showers and air-conditioned bathrooms. These tents are also the closest of the options to the campers-only EDC festival gate and the Mesa (the main area where all the activities and amenities are). The cost of this would be $1,499. That means $749.50 per person because it can only be 2 people.

All of the camp options do have access to bathrooms and showers. Access to the campers-only entrance to EDC. And of course all the activities, extra events, and amenities. By the way, there is a 4 port USB charging station in each of the tents. At the Mesa, there is a full free charging station as well.

Any of the camp options can be cheaper than a hotel and more worth it. No hassle to get to the fun each day at EDC.


What I find to be a hassle is definitely the casinos in almost every hotel. If you plan to gamble then the hotels have you covered. On the other hand, if you don’t like to gamble then maybe choose camping.

Camp EDC does not have a casino and that means you can spend your money on something else. Like great food. Merchandise of your favorite DJ’s. Not losing all your money due to the odds at a casino not being in your favor. Sounds like a plan to me.

The biggest plus about no casino is that you get to avoid the casino smell! It always reeks of cigar and cigarette smoke and alcohol. Yuk! I don’t like having to go through a casino to make it to the elevators to get to my room.

Built pools with stage in center just for Camp EDC pool parties.


Spend time at the pool, go to bars, clubs, or go shopping. That is the norm for the Vegas strip other than gambling. Most hotels would be on the strip and that means a lot of bars to choose from. Large pools and clubs that can be at a pool as well. Many artists playing at these places. The thing is that everything costs so much on the strip. Then you have long lines and don’t even know if you will get in.

Guess what Camp EDC has. Bars. An Oasis pool where parties are thrown daily. Extra Events only for campers. Vendors, shops, and food trucks. Shoot there are even go-karts, yoga, a barbershop, and much more. Even better is that it is all free for the activities.

Personally, I would rather check out what Camp EDC has to offer instead of being stuck in a line at Vegas strip. Also, those things on the strip are all normal things that you can visit at any time. After all the fun at EDC, it is tiring and everyone is exhausted. Relaxing with yoga is a blast. Checking out the exclusive events that the camp has is amazing. Then having a pre-show on Thursday and a post-show on Monday is just extending the experience of EDC.

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Camp EDC had a lot of food options. They even had Vegetarian and Vegan options. #CampEDC #Vegan #Vegetarian #CampFood

Food, Yum!!

Most hotels have food services and usually a food court. I rarely have heard of any of the fast-food places that they have in the food courts. Usually, that food is super greasy and doesn’t appeal to me either. You could get groceries and keep them in the mini-fridge, but some don’t have much of a kitchen to cook. Usually a mini-fridge, sink, and microwave.

The food courts and room service is pretty pricey for something you may not like. If you go for food on the strip you could walk and get something you know, but that is more walking. And the prices are still pretty high compared to what it is somewhere else.

With Camp EDC they have food trucks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The food trucks don’t have bad pricing either. There are many options. You can even get snacks from vendors and shops there. The best part is you can bring your own as well. They allow you to bring coolers and a small grill. It is just like camp. You can actually cook your food on a grill if you would like. Freshly made food is so nice and you get to cook things you know you will like.

Check out the Food Options At Camp EDC 2018

I have been saving my favorite part for last and we are finally there.


Who wouldn’t want to continue that amazing experience and atmosphere? Going to Camp EDC you are still there and enjoying the environment. That is the point of EDC, isn’t it? To get away from the stress and daily lives to enjoy the music and have an amazing experience.

You get to meet new people who have something in common with you. Peace. Love. Unity. And Respect. Something to stand by and Camp EDC continues that.

If you have never been to EDC or let alone a rave, by the time you leave you will probably be hooked for life. People that love EDM and go to raves are some of the most amazing people you will meet. Being able to make more friends after EDC is over for the day is wonderful.

Now if you go back to a hotel you lose that chance to hang out longer with new friends. Also, you may never be able to find that person or group again the next day. There are so many people that go.

Whew, that was a lot.

I know there is a lot of information there to think about. There is so much more I wanted to tell you guys, but this would be too long. I do have more information if you guys would like. I wrote some other articles for you and there are more to come.

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Your Turn!

Would you consider camping at EDC instead of staying at a hotel? What seems to appeal to you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Camping maybe a new thing still for EDC Vegas, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. #campedc #edcvegas #festivalseason

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