Best of Camp EDC 2018

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We are all so sad now. Camp EDC has ended and we had to part with our neighbors. There may have been some bumps in the road, but so many of us want to go back already. The best of Camp EDC included so many things that it is hard to pick just one.


If you want to know some of the issues that happened at Camp EDC head over to this article: Problems at Camp EDC.


Let’s get to it!


Best  of Camp EDC 2018




This had to be at the top of this list because being able to get close to people in such a short time is amazing. Living next to each other you end up sharing so many experiences. If you forgot something, they probably have it and are willing to help you out. Sharing happens so much with neighbors.


Of course there may be neighbors that you don’t instantly connect with, but you are bound to have many others you will. Whether you meet in a line. Grab the same type of food. Are just passing by. Participating in an activity. Or just relaxing and having fun at the pool parties.


People are amazing and you create so many new bonds that last. We personally made some great new rave family members and are planning on meeting at more music festivals. You really do feel loved.




Such an amazing thing re-entry is. Forget something at camp or want to eat something other than festival food? Just head back to camp. Eat what you brought. Shop for more things. Maybe use a cleaner bathroom. Once you are all set head back into EDC and enjoy the festival.


You can also take a nap at your tent or RV in between sets that you want to see. It’s a great way to be sure you can make it to the ones you really don’t want to miss.


Make sure they sign your wristband out though otherwise they won’t let you back in. Reason being that it shows that you are already in the festival and they don’t want trading wristbands to happen.


Easy access into EDC


The campers only gate into EDC makes the line much less painful. At certain times the camp gate may be a bit more packed, but it will never be as bad as main entry. Another great thing is that it is right there. No driving. No shuttles. No traffic.


Due to camp being right next to EDC, campers don’t need to leave extra time for traffic. This means they can basically leave 10-15 minutes before the set they want to see starts and still be there on time. No worries of missing your must-see sets due to things you can’t control.


That also means that you can sleep longer if you need to. Wake up just long enough to get ready and head right over. No hassle.


After EDC performances


That’s right, even more fun. Day 1 of EDC they surprised us with an after party. From 6am-10am. If you wanted even more after being at EDC until 5:30am then camp gives you just that. With a pool party from 1-4pm and then a 6-10am there is no way you won’t get tired out.


Plus, the headliners that perform are not announced until basically an hour or two before the party happens. So make sure you don’t miss out on someone you want to see.


Free activities


All of those amazing activities you saw on the list are actually free. Skating gave out free rental skates. Totem making brought materials that you could use to make totems and all for free. Including poster paper, wood rods, tape, paint, feathers, etc. Kandi making had the beads and string to make them.


Don’t forget the morning meditation and yoga. All free and there to help you relax and stretch out from all of the excitement. How great is it to not have to worry about paying for activities like these. If you saided in a hotel you would have to pay for everything.


Food options


Usually one would worry about not having a food option that they would like. Specially at a festival. Many people would bring their own food which is smart. But Camp EDC delivered great food.


Even though people brought their own food and had plenty of it they would try the food at the camp. They had so many options that suited everyone’s needs. Whether you needed meat, a vegetarian meal, or even a vegan option. They had it.


I am not vegan whatsoever, but man our favorite thing was the Buddha Bowls!

The portions where huge honestly. And we could not finish it even though the one we got was meant for 2. We probably could have just barely finished the bowl for 1 person. It was super filling and tasted amazing.


If you want to check out all of the food options they had at Camp EDC head over to this article right here.




So what was so great about 2018 Camp EDC? All of these things of course:


  1. Neighbors
  2. Re-entry
  3. Easy access to EDC
  4. After EDC performances
  5. Free activities
  6. Food options


Now hopefully you know what went great at Camp EDC 2018 and have more to think about for next year. Maybe now you will want to go try it out for 2019 or perhaps you already plan to return. In that case maybe you will go check out something you didn’t during 2018.


Either way I hope to see you all again. And if possible meet more of you that were on the fence of going last time.


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