9 Most Annoying Types of Ravers

There are many types of people that go to raves, but there are some people that are just down right annoying. Check out these most annoying types of ravers. #rave #festival #edm

Raves and festivals can be filled with many wonderful people to meet and make friends with. Problem is that there are also those ever so annoying rave goers that you try to avoid. And sometimes it is impossible to avoid them.


I bet you are wondering if you know people like this or if you yourself are an annoying type of raver. Or maybe you just want to know so that you can avoid them even more.


Either way, let’s find out who these people are.


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The Most Annoying Types of Ravers


Mid-life Crisis


These are the people that are in their 40s or older that just are looking for quick hookups. Their spouses are probably at home or away for the weekend. They prey on the younger ravers that they find attractive, but themselves are usually unattractive. They are completely awkward and lure these ravers in by spending money on them by buying drinks, food, merch, etc. Do not fall into these traps. You might have spent so much money on tickets, hotels, and transportation to go to a rave or festival, but it is not worth it.


The Entitled Ones


These guys and girls believe that everything is owed to them so they get everything for free. Whether it is tickets, clothing, hotels, transportation, food, and drinks. They believe they should get it for free. If you meet them and they start saying how they know this person or this DJ and go to all their shows, be warned. It may be an entitled person that might just start making you pay for everything. They might just say they forgot their wallet or they will get you back, but they most likely are using you for free things.


Those Who Love and Partake In Mosh-Pits


Mosh-pits are not unheard of, but they should not be done at a rave. Yes, there are a few DJ’s that want most-pits to happen, but all the rest do not. These are dangerous to those in it but even worse for innocent people around them. An organized mosh-pit can be fun for those who want to and are safer for those who aren’t than unorganized mosh-pits. Just don’t do it. Everyone around you will hate you and you may injure innocent people in the process.


Almost Completely Naked Girls


Festival and rave fashion has changed over the years and pasties and bras have become acceptable. Glitter and jewels are not considered clothing. So do not scar the rest of us by wearing almost nothing. Rave outfits may get revealing and we get it. Doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying. Wearing jewels on your nipples and the smallest g-string or thong you can find is annoying. You may want to show your body off and all but think about the rest of the ravers.


Those Who Start to Strip


Some ravers come in outfits that make sense and are respectable to those around them. But some start to get hot. What do they do? They start to take off clothing. It could be because they are drunk. Because they are overheating. Because they want to show off. Or because they found someone they want to grind on or hook up with. Either way, they start to strip down to their underwear. And we don’t mean actual rave outfit. We literally mean their normal day-to-day underwear. Everyone else does not need to see your Calvin Kleins or your Victoria Secrets.


Overly Friendly Solo Goers


They type that talks too much, follows you and your group around, and you just can’t seem to get rid of. They come alone and hope to find new friends, but they get attached so quick and all you did is say sorry for bumping into them. Super annoying and can ruin the fun that you have as well.


Dirty Bird Couples


Rave couples can be cute and goals to some, but these two are more annoying than goals. After taking too many drugs and/or drinking too much they can barely stand or walk. But they know who their significant other is. All they do is sexually touch each other without care of anyone around them. We get that you two may be in love or more like lust, but doesn’t mean you should be putting your hands in each other pants, groping each other, or everything just short of sex. Especially at a rave.


Those Almost Overdosing


Yup, drugs happen to make their way into raves. Yes, people pass them around sometimes. But these people are so close to overdosing that they need a babysitter. They might not be apart of your group, but they can easily ruin a rave. At festivals, you try to keep an eye on them just in case they need help because people care. It can cause raves and festivals to be canceled though. Just like EDC Los Angeles that will never happen again.




Gross people who just love to grope others as they pass by. But they blame it on being pushed or it was too tightly packed or they didn’t see you. Yeah, right. We all know that you really can’t grope someone by accident. Especially when it is a reoccurring issue and many other people have noticed it. Nope, it is not okay. Plus, not many people want to be groped by some random stranger as they are trying to go somewhere or enjoy their time. Annoying as ever.


Are you one of the annoying ravers?


Truth time. Are you any of these types? If so, you probably should stop because many people find you annoying. If you do stop you may even have more fun because people will actually like you and want to be friends.


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There are many types of people that go to raves, but there are some people that are just down right annoying. Check out these most annoying types of ravers. #rave #festival #edmThere are many types of people that go to raves, but there are some people that are just down right annoying. Check out these most annoying types of ravers. #rave #festival #edm

There are many types of people that go to raves, but there are some people that are just down right annoying. Check out these most annoying types of ravers. #rave #festival #edm

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  1. @Silly.eLly

    Im sorry but the whole point in “these type Of people” going to music festivals is too Feel loved and accepted. Which is literally a NATURAL human desire. And if all Us ravers are about plur then this art should never have eVen startEd in the first place. Love and accept Everyone even with their annoying moments. Were humAn, were all gonna end up annoying EACH OTHER but to pread CATEGORIES and stigma isnt what this is about. All The love 🖤

    1. I understand your point of view and thank you for your opinion. BUT I will not accept people who go to raves to rape others, grope strangers, and steal things like phones. So I will not love and accept EVERYONE like you say to. But do have a great day.

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