6 Best Places to Buy Maternity Clothing

You are bound to have to buy new clothing during pregnancy, but where should you buy them? Check out more at momwhoraves.com. #pregnancy #maternityclothing #maternity #wheretobuy

The bump has begun to show and it will continue to grow. Now how do you dress it, but stay comfortable? Are you wondering where the best places to buy maternity clothing are?


This is the trouble that we all must face because the clothing that we had before either no longer fits or just became super uncomfortable. Some of us get lucky enough to stay small enough for the bump to fit in our pre-pregnancy clothing for a pretty long time. Other’s may not.


Shopping for maternity clothing may be a hassle because your feet might swell from all of the walking and standing to try on clothing, but it is worth it in the end.


The main question is where should you get your maternity clothing?


There are plenty of options these days. Especially when you can buy clothing online. Sizing may be tricky at that point, but not impossible.


What places carry maternity clothing?


You can actually go to most stores and they will have a maternity section, as long as they carry women’s clothing. This doesn’t make the quality the same or the options similar. Just like we all have a favorite store, shopping for maternity clothing will lead to finding your go-to place once again, but this time just for maternity.


We all want to be comfortable in the clothing we wear and that means the styles as well as the materials. Some may love places like H&M, others may love Nordstrom, etc. Just take your time to find clothing you truly like and are comfortable because pregnancy gives you enough things to make any movement uncomfortable.


These are the best stores that I found for maternity clothing.


Best places to buy maternity clothing?


Motherhood Maternity


This is one of my main go-to stores for maternity wear. There are so many options to choose from and the clothing is a wonderful quality. My skin is very sensitive and that makes my bump even more sensitive to materials. Motherhood has such soft fabrics that are used with their clothing.

All of the clothing is sized by your pre-pregnancy size and stretch for your entire pregnancy. This way you don’t need to go back every time your bump gets bigger. They carry everything from bras to dresses to pregnancy pillows to belly butter and more. It can be a one-stop shop for all your pregnancy needs.


Ross, Marshalls, or TJMaxx


These three stores are absolutely amazing for pregnancy. There is a larger range of styles and materials at these stores than most places, but you have to check back often for the items you really want. When they restock the sections it gives you a lot of designs to go through and you may find something that you didn’t think you would like, but end up loving.


Not only do they carry some pretty amazing clothing for pregnancy, but at cheaper prices than most places. Save yourself some much-needed money because babies cost a lot anyway.


Another great thing about these stores is that you can buy for the whole family, for cheaper, and still get great clothing for pregnancy. They also carry other pregnancy essentials.


Pink Blush


This website has a ton of amazing designs for maternity wear. From super cute summer dresses to sleek outfits for fall and warm winter wear. You are bound to find some wonderful pieces to add to your pregnancy wardrobe.


They also have some gorgeous delivery robes to make you feel comfortable during your stay at the hospital. I highly suggest getting a delivery robe, whether it be from here or somewhere else because it makes you feel much better and comfier than in a hospital gown, feeling all exposed.




My favorite store to go to in general, but they have some pretty comfy maternity wear as well. With a sizeable collection for their lovely pregnant customers, shopping can be a breeze.


Many times people actually pass up the maternity section without realizing it was there. The reason being that it actually blends in with the ladies clothing. So if you want clothing similar to what you already wear I suggest Target’s selection. Super soft tank tops for the summer, cute springtime and summer dresses, maxi dresses, pants, shorts, and much more.


Recap Time


These are the best places for maternity clothing. Of course, you can go to other places as well and find maternity sections, but not all are equal.


Make sure that when you are picking out clothing that it isn’t just pretty to you, but actually comfy. Trust me you will not end up wearing anything you find uncomfortable even in the slightest, which will make it a waste. Your body will give you enough uncomfortable feelings and you will opt for the comfiest clothing you have in your closet. That may mean you will end up with loose clothing pretty often.


Some ladies prefer to stay in sweatpants and t-shirts. Others may prefer a maxi dress that isn’t too snug. It is all up to what is comfortable for you.


Pregnancy may be a bit difficult but doesn’t mean you can’t own it. Wear what you would like. Dress in what makes you feel good. And don’t let others take over.


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Your Turn!


What is your favorite store to shop at for maternity clothing? Do you have a particular style you love during pregnancy? Any change in style because of the pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!

You are bound to have to buy new clothing during pregnancy, but where should you buy them? Check out more at momwhoraves.com. #pregnancy #maternityclothing #maternity #wheretobuy
You are bound to have to buy new clothing during pregnancy, but where should you buy them? Check out more at momwhoraves.com. #pregnancy #maternityclothing #maternity #wheretobuy
You are bound to have to buy new clothing during pregnancy, but where should you buy them? Check out more at momwhoraves.com. #pregnancy #maternityclothing #maternity #wheretobuy

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