14 Things Usually Forgotten From Your Hospital Bag

Packing a hospital bag isn't always easy and many times we forget things. Check out the 14 essentials we tend to forget. #hospitalbag #pregnancy #3rdtrimester

We make a list. Pack the bags. And plan everything out. Every single step of what we want to do and bring. That’s right we are talking about the final stretch of pregnancy and packing those hospital bags.

We pack hospital bags early just in case because we never know when we might go into labor. But do we pack everything we actually need? These 14 items should be in your hospital bag but tend to be overlooked and forgotten about.

As pregnant women we tend to get what is called “baby brain” and that makes it harder to remember everything in such a short time. Sometimes we even forget what we were just about to do. I personally have been this way since I was young so adding “baby brain” to the mix makes it that much harder.

So, we try to plan ahead. Search through the internet to find out everything we need. Whether that be how the baby is progressing, when the baby is supposed to come, and even what to pack for the hospital. We may even be packing a hospital bag since the beginning of our pregnancy. It doesn’t always mean we will remember everything when it is go-time though.

What is a hospital bag?

A hospital bag is a bag (or three) of items you will need for your stay at the hospital during and after labor. It usually holds items for the mother, baby, and father.

Packing these usually happen in weeks to a month or months prior to the due date. The reason being that baby’s due date is actually just an approximation of when the baby is going to be born. Meaning baby can come at any time.

What is the importance of a hospital bag?

Hospital bags are actually extremely important. Going into labor may take hours after being checked in and you have to go through all of the paperwork and waiting before the main event.

You want to be comfortable before, during, and after. During labor, you don’t have as many options for being comfortable, but that’s just because all birthing options still have pain involved. But, don’t worry, it will end.

Once you have finished with labor, you will be exhausted and that’s the main reason for your hospital bag. It will have all the things that you will need to adjust to what just happened and to adjust to having a new baby to take care of. The hospital bag should have items for you and baby to make this easier.

What things are usually forgotten from your hospital bag?

Packing can be super stressful and checklists only work when you have time to grab everything and are in the right mindset. It really isn’t easy when it is go-time to breathe through the pain and check a full checklist out to grab everything. So, having your hospital bags fully packed beforehand is best.

These 14 items we tend to forget to pack or just overlook completely:

  • adult diapers
  • phone charger
  • extension cord
  • extra bag
  • baby book
  • different-sized baby clothes
  • flip flops
  • extra cash n change
  • towel
  • face wipes
  • hair ties
  • drivers license
  • insurance card
  • something to do

Why these 14 items?

Well most of the time these items aren’t what comes to mind or we think we will grab on the way out, but actually, don’t. So, for the most part, we should have them already packed if possible.

Some, like the driver’s license or insurance card, may not be able to be packed ahead of time but are really needed for your hospital trip. At least packing the rest will help lower the items you will need to remember when the time comes.

1. Adult Diapers

We truly don’t like to think about these because we don’t want to feel old or like we need diapers. Although we think of large pads for the post-partum factors, adult diapers make it easier. Why would they make it easier? Because they are stuck together and don’t move around or separate from each other, unlike pads.

2. Phone Charger

Yup, that one thing that we wish we didn’t forget. Whether it be to take pictures of baby or to call your family and friends to let them know the baby is on its way or already there. Pack a charger ahead of time and don’t forget the wall plug-in piece.

3. Extension Cord

Highly forgotten! Just imagine plugging in your phone to charge, but it doesn’t reach all the way to the hospital bed. Not fun or fair at all. Bringing a small extension cord just to make sure that it is long enough to reach your bed will make it that much easier on you and less stressful.

4. An Extra Bag

You will be going home with more things than you actually came with. Plus it makes it much harder to repack your bags when you have a brand new baby with you.

5. Baby’s Book

Most mothers-to-be have a baby book that they started and if you bring the baby book with you to the hospital you can document more things with ease. And you can even ask for the hospital to put baby’s hand and footprints in the book as well because they are already doing it for records.

6. Different Sized Baby Clothes

You never know what weight and size baby will be when they are born. Some babies are really small and some are larger. Make sure to bring different sizes for their going home clothes because they might not fit the newborn clothing or may be to small for others.

7. Flip Flops

Your feet may hurt and many people tell you about slippers, but what about going home? Flip Flops are great going home shoes and even wonderful that you can wear them in the showers as well. These may end up being your go-to best friends during all of this.

8. Extra Cash and Change

Whoever is accompanying you may need to go grab snacks or food for you and them. Bring cash and change just in case there are vending machines or places that will only accept cash. It may even be needed for parking.

9. A Towel

The towels at the hospital are small and scratchy and that is the last thing that will comfort you. Showering will make you feel better, but if it ends with a painful, uncomfortable towel then it doesn’t feel as nice. Take one of your comfortable towels and that little bit of home may help even more than just the shower.

10. Face Wipes

You might have gone into the hospital with makeup on and soon enough you want to clean it off, but don’t want to get up. That is where face wipes come into play. Make it easier on yourself and less painful for having to get up by bringing these along.

11. Hair Ties

The much loved, but forgotten hair ties. Having your hair up and out of your face is nice. Even better when it makes it harder for your new baby to pull your hair. There grip is super strong and you don’t always want your hair ripped out after all the pain you just went through.

12. Your Driver’s License

Super essential because how else are you going to check-in? They need to know it is you and that is why your ID is needed. It also is there because of the baby. If you don’t have your ID then they won’t be able to release the baby and baby’s birth certificate. They don’t want a stranger to take anything.

13. Insurance Card

Another highly essential item because they can’t charge your insurance without the insurance card. It will be used to check in.

14. Something To Do

That is right you will need something to do. Labor may take time to progress before it is truly time to push, but that means you have to wait. You don’t want to be bored and focusing on the pains you may have, so bringing something to do will help. It can be anything that will distract you. For some, it may just be their phones or a book. It is all up to you.

There you have it!

These 14 items should make its way into your hospital bag and not be forgotten at home. Hopefully, this helps make your hospital visit easier and less stressful.

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